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LIFE on Earth may be Seeded by Asteroids-An Intriguing fact 2024 - Asiana Times

Scientists have found evidence before from asteroids and meteorites that crashed on the Earth having evidence of Life. But, they were not sure whether the chemicals indicating the presence of Microbial life in those asteroids and meteorites were from space or contaminated by the earth because of the crash.

Attempt to change the path of asteroid has been successful by NASA - Asiana Times

The DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) took place some 11 million km from Earth. NASA’s Dart programme scientist, Dr Tom Statler, also had a word of caution about drawing too many conclusions from the experiment. Scientists have now confirmed that the orbit of a 160m-wide (520 ft) space rock known as Dimorphos was altered when the Dart probe struck it head on last month.