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Among the speculated outcomes were not only the reservation for women but also proposals related to Other Backward Classes, the concept of “One Nation One Election,” and even the potential alteration of the country’s name. As the cabinet meeting concluded, hopes for clarity were met with continued suspense, as the customary post-meeting briefing was conspicuously absent. Shortly after, authoritative sources confirmed that the buzz surrounding the approval of the women’s reservation bill was indeed accurate.

PM Modi introduces Vishwakarma scheme for economic empowerment.

The primary objective of the scheme is to enhance the accessibility and quality of products and services offered by traditional artisans and craftsmen. By providing them with financial assistance, the government aims to empower this vital sector of the economy, ensuring they are seamlessly integrated into domestic and global value chains.

Assam CM's 10 crore subsidy for wife debated.

A political maelstrom has engulfed the BJP-governed state of Assam as the Congress party raises serious allegations against the wife of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Riniki Bhuyan Sarma. Gaurav Gogoi, Congress Deputy Leader in Lok Sabha, took to social media to claim that Riniki Bhuyan Sarma, spouse of the Assam Chief Minister, received a substantial ₹10 crore subsidy from the Central government for her media enterprise, Pride East Entertainments Private Limited. Alongside his assertion, Gogoi shared a screenshot from the Ministry of Food Processing’s website, which seemingly confirms the transfer of the mentioned sum as part of a credit-linked subsidy.