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US police have arrested a suspect after six people were killed in the Independence Day parade near Chicago. According to police Robert E Crimo III who is 22 years old was arrested after a brief trial. At least 24 people were injured in Highland Park, Illinois after a gunman used a high-powered rifle to target people from the rooftop.

US Senate passes landmark gun violence bill, House passage is next

The US Senate easily approved a bipartisan gun violence bill that seemed unthinkable just a month ago, paving the way for final congressional approval of what will be lawmakers’ most far-reaching response in decades to the country’s string of heinous mass shootings. Following last month’s rampages in New York and Texas, Democrats and some  Republicans decided    that congressional inaction was untenable after years of GOP procedural delays that derailed                Democratic efforts to curb firearms.  It took weeks of close-door negotiations, but a bipartisan group of senators came up with a compromise that represents incremental but significant progress toward ending the bloodshed that has come to regularly shock — but no longer surprise — the nation. In an unexpected move, 15 Republicans…