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International Girl Child Day: The Unseen Barriers of Women Risers

Happy International Girl Child Day

Palestinian hunger striker held by Israel could die at any moment, lawyer says

According to his lawyer, a Palestinian prisoner who has been on a hunger strike for more than 160 days in protest against Israel's custody...

Israel shuts down seven Palestinian NGOs, labels them as a terrorist 

In the early hours of Thursday, the Israeli military shut down seven organizations. The crackdown took place in downtown Ramallah, in the occupied West...

Israel: Shooting injures eight people, including a pregnant woman 

In the old city of Jerusalem in Israel, a Palestinian gunman opened fire at pilgrims. The attack comes nearly a week after Israel bombards Gaza

Bombings, life threats charging between Palestinians and Israel

The Armed conflict has been charging between Israel and Palestinians armed groups in the Gaza Strip, between 10th May and 21st May. "The lure of happiness...

Israel airstrikes in Gaza kill 10, Palestine group responds with rockets

Israel's bombardment has claimed 10 lives, among them a five-year-old girl and a senior militant. In the biggest escalation of hostilities to hit the region...


5 Person booked for MBBS Student Suicide Case

In Uttar Pradesh Medical college principal among five booked...

China’s space station has welcomed back three astronauts, after their six-month mission

China's space station has welcomed back three astronauts, after...

Raising Pneumonia scare in Afghanistan amongst other crises

Afghanistan has an increasing number of Pneumonia cases due to the beginning of the cold climate amongst other humane crises as the Taliban overtook them last year.

In depth: How does Gorilla Glass protect your smartphone display?

What's Gorilla Glass? How is it made, and is...