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Attaining the lowest possible temperature and erasing the data perfectly and completely, these two things might appear to not have any correlation and may seem unrelated, but they share a very strong connection. The quantum formulation for the 3rd law of thermodynamics has been discovered by researchers at TU Wien.

Revolutionary Measurement Shakes up the Laws of Physics - Asiana Times

When we try to measure how fast the universe is expanding, the measurement depends on from which side of the universe you will start. A new study by the EPFL’s Institute of Physics has measured the Hubble’s Constant to a very unprecedented accuracy, which shed new light on the Hubble Tension, ie the Hubble constant discrepancy.

Hubble Records Seasons Changing on Jupiter - Asiana Times

The planets orbiting the Sun beyond Mars are not rocky, solid worlds that affect the weather on those planets like the way they do here on Earth. The sunlight reaching those planets affects the circulation of the atmosphere much less. But still, those planets’ weather and climatic conditions are always changing and the Hubble Space Telescope as an Interplanetary Metrologist is recording and transmitting the data back to the Earth giving us information about those planets’ weather. 

Icy Satellites or call them icy rocks, that orbit around Jupiter and Saturn have made scientists curious and perplexed due to their difference in features from the rocky worlds and the ice here on Earth. Their unique radar signatures have sparked questions in the brains of scientists regarding the composition of those icy satellites.