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Goa Man arrested for 'Pandora Papers' global leaks - Asiana Times

As part of an inquiry into the ‘Pandora Papers’ disclosures that exposed Rohan Timblo’s suspected undeclared foreign money outside of India, the Enforcement Directorate has confiscated an asset worth Rs 36.8 crore that belonged to the son of a Goa miner.

China records it's first Economic Recession since 2021 - Asiana Times

China, the second-largest economy in the world, has recorded its first deflation since 2021, and the country’s growth is slowing at a great pace. The decline increases the likelihood that businesses will reduce production and lay off workers. Beijing prefers tailored measures to large-scale stimulus packages to reverse the trend, but people aren’t spending as a result of the economy’s sluggish income growth and uncertain future.

Wall Street Turmoil - Asiana Times

In recent years, the US stock market and the Wall Street have been on a roller-coaster ride, with both spectacular…