Tajikistan feels insecure by the Taliban’s growing influence: Security Forces are at alert.


Tajikistan is beginning to be threatened by the growing Taliban in Afghanistan. That’s why the Tajikistan government has ordered unprecedented security arrangements along its Afghan border and has increased the number of soldiers along the entire border.

The growing power of the Afghan Taliban has put all neighbouring countries in a state of concern. Tajikistan has also not been immune to it because Afghanistan’s north and north-west border are shared with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

The border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan is about 1357 km. According to the US, the Taliban have captured nearly 80% of Afghanistan’s territory, mainly consisting of many border areas.

President Emomali Rahmon asks Army to be ready:

The Taliban’s influence has raised Tajikistan’s concerns. Because of this, Tajikistan has now started the most extensive security exercise after its separation from the Soviet Union. It has ordered its Army to be ready on the border. President Emomali Rahmon has ordered it. About 2.30 lakh soldiers have been kept ready for this purpose. Some 20,000 troops have been deployed in the capital Dushanbe itself. 

The President has also asked the Army to examine its weapons and keep them ready for action. Apart from artillery at the ground, the Air Force has also been ordered to be prepared. In a televised message, the President said that the situation in the neighbouring country, Afghanistan, is deteriorating every day.

Therefore, the security forces have been put on alert for the safety and stability of the region. The President has also made it clear that he has ordered the Army to make its best preparations in his order. He said there is a strong need to ensure that the borders are protected.

Russia is Backing Tajikistan:

Next month, Russia and Uzbekistan are also going to conduct military drills along the Tajikistan border. Tajikistan was liberated from Soviet Russia in 1994.

The President of Tajikistan has also spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the issue of Afghanistan. The Taliban has told Russia’s news agency that the situation on the Afghan border is entirely under control. 

Let me tell you that Taliban attacks in Afghanistan have increased considerably ever since the US started withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan.

Afghan troops have succumbed to fighting in many border areas, and in some regions, there is an intense firing between the two sides.

There are some areas where Afghan army personnel has entered the borders of neighbouring countries fearing the Taliban. Afghanistan’s neighbours, such as Tajikistan, are concerned that the Taliban may not infiltrate any way inside their borders. Moreover, the exercise has been undertaken to prevent Afghans from fleeing for fear of the Taliban. 



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