Tamil Nadu chief minister stain said in assembly to open many sports complexes in Tamil Nadu


On Thursday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin said in the assembly that the government has been working on bringing back the Chennai open ATP to the state capital that we moved out of in 2017.

 He also stated that they are planning to host the beach Olympics. They will set up a sports stadium in every assembly constituency across the state.

 The 44th chess olympiad will be hosted by the state government between July 28th and August 10th. Almost 180 countries’ players would participate in the event. 

Further, he added that hosting international sports events will help to bring new investments into the sports sector and will also give a great hike in tourism to the state.

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 Stalin even said that all the listing steps were undertaken by the government to promote sports among the children and youth, and that this effort was already underway to set up a mega-sports city near the capital. And four Olympic academies would be set up across the state.

And he said that they have allocated Rs 25 crore for the Olympic Gold Quest programme to mentor Olympic medalists.

 And he added that a modern sports complex with high-class infrastructure will be set up in north Chennai that will cost 10 crores and will include volleyball, basketball, kabaddi, badminton, boxing, and other indoor games and a modern gymnasium.

 And the chief minister said that they would set up a new jallikattu area in Alanganallur. In addition, he stated that 3% of seats will be reserved for sports in order to provide jobs for silamban players.

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Published By : Akshita Katoch

Edited By : Khushi Thakur

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