In our world, the use of technology is very vast. We know that technology helps us in our daily lives because every information gives us one touch. Yes, we know that we have to update ourselves with new technology because we all want to grow in our lives, but somewhere, technology also has harmful effects on our mental health.

Unfortunately, we have seen many problems coming through technology, which gives us mental health. Technology has opened for everyone or every individual to access the information and help to make our life easy day by day. Still, if you continuously use the higher level of the screen, it starts giving health problems like depression, low self-esteem, and loneliness.


Yes, depression problems increase day by day because they reduce physical activities. If there is no physical activity so our body is at higher risk. Nowadays, many of us can’t live without technology, but more from that, the children are trapped by this powerful technology.

They don’t spend time with their families; they don’t go out of their homes, and ultimately reduce their focus on their studies. Also, they are getting angrier and more aggressive.

Eyes Problem 

When working on computers, laptops, and mobiles, you frequently forget to blink your eyes. The longer you look at the screen of the computer you are giving more strain to your eyes, which causes headaches. If you are using mobiles and laptops with poor sitting posture, it harms your body and offers many problems because it puts pressure on your eyes, neck, and spine. 

Physical Activity

Nowadays, our lifestyles change a lot when we connect with technology and eat anything, more likely fast food, adversely affecting our health. Such as; 


Obesity (Fat increase)

Cardiovascular Disease (heart diseases) 

Physical activities for prevention of mental health problems

  1. Improve your health with easy workouts and eat healthily food.

  2. Don’t use lifts. Use stairs to reduce body weight because walking is best for the body and controls the heart rate. 

  3. Eat more vegetables and pulses more in your diet. 

  4. Avoid eating fast food as much as you can.  

  5. Do stretching in the morning and evening, and also, you can do skipping to help reduce weight. 

  6. Most important you have to take proper sleep.

Published By – Royal Rodrigues
Edited By – Kritika Kashyap

Priya Bisht

I'm Priya Bisht. I'm from Faridabad. I'm pursuing Bachelor's in Mass Media from Satyam group of institution Noida, {Affiliated with SNDT University Mumbai}. I write content for our college newspaper. I'm interesting and creative in video editing and animations also, I have done online digital journalism from Reuters. I'm learning the Spanish language.


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