TechnoStress – Know More About It Before It’s Too Late


People try to upgrade themselves to stay up with the flow in the twenty-first century when technological advancements come virtually every day. However, the pressure to keep up with technological advances has added a significant amount of stress to our lives.

The term “techno-stress” comes into place here. In this primarily digital environment, there is an immediate need to address the issue of technostress to help people avoid the feeling of “out of the group.”


Craig Brod developed the term “Techno Stress” in his book Technostress: The Human Cost of the Computer Revolution in 1984.

It is the negative psychological relationship that exists between the introduction of new technologies and individuals. It is the situation in which individuals cannot adjust to or healthily cope with modern computing technology. It is the human cost of the technological revolution.


Numerous elements contribute to technological stress. Here are a few important ones. 

Techno-invasion: It is the invasion of technology into our daily lives. The desire to be connected at all times. The inability to disconnect from computers due to the need to work all day.

Techno-overload: It is a condition in which people are pushed to work harder and quicker because the information is constantly flowing.

Techno-unreliability: This is why people are stressed out because they are unsure how to deal with a sudden computer system error or breakdown.

Techno-complexity: It is a condition in which people are stressed out due to a lack of sufficient training and technological support. They are apprehensive about new knowledge.

Techno-insecurity: It is a feeling of insecurity caused by a person’s inability to understand computer language and function on par with their peers.


It is essential in today’s modern world to provide people with a suitable and safe physical environment. People are emotionally influenced by technostress at their workplaces, and too much exposure to computer monitors is linked to emotional stress.

Reduced job satisfaction, lower job performance, higher stress levels, diminished organisational commitment, FOMO (fear of missing out), lack of work-life balance, and poor physical health are all consequences of technostress.


Because we live in a technologically driven environment, we may never completely eradicate technostress. But what we can do is figure out how to deal with it.

1. Educate people on how to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) effectively. It is critical to increasing digital literacy. It will aid in decreasing the stress brought on by technological uncertainty.

2. Ensure the organisation has a team of skilled IT professionals on hand to answer any technical challenges. No one should feel obligated or pushed to do something they don’t want to do.

3. The easy-to-use software can be used by businesses to improve workflow. It can also help with stress management and work commitment.

4. The work atmosphere should be such that employees do not feel under constant pressure to perform well in technical elements throughout the day.

These expectations can also cause stress. Employees should have an open space to talk about these issues. 

5. Turn off the computers and stay away from the world of technology while you are not working. Go out, socialise with your pals, or do whatever it is that you enjoy. Always be aware of how you feel, think, and experience things.

6. Make sure you’re not working overtime, especially in light of the pandemic. Make a timetable for yourself that includes leisure time.


Technology is continually growing. Let us make the most use of technology while avoiding becoming slaves to it.

When new technology is introduced, companies should make an extra effort to make everyone feel at ease. Take care of yourself and be responsible.

Take a break when you need it!

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