The Aspirants by TVF have been accused of plagiarism of Dark Horse.


The producers of the TVF Aspiration Award are in trouble because Sahitya Akademi’s award-winning author Nilotpal Mrinal accused the online series TVF Aspirants of stealing his book “The Dark Horse.”

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Nilotpal stated that he plans to take legal action against the Aspirants maker because they copied his book without giving him the credit he deserves.

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He shared that he had a meeting with Arunabh Kumar from TVF and shared his idea to do a web series about his book. He said that almost 30% of applicants are based on his book.

“I shared Anurab’s photos and meeting details with him to show that he knows that I am an obscure writer and that I am interested in making a film based on this book. 30% of aspirants is based on the book Dark Horse, but this is not a problem for people sitting in Mumbai,” said Nilotpal

He also said, “People must think that writers like Nilotpal come and go every day” and went on to add, “Recently, Banaras Talkies from Satya Vyas was also stolen. What should these people do?”

“I will fight for the dark horse, if I lose, it will be the loss of the writer of the dark horse, but if I win, it will be the victory of all the struggling writers whose stolen stories become popular movies or online series.”



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