The Gold Medalist secures 2nd Spot in the World Athletics Rankings


The Olympic sensation Neeraj Chopra jumped 14 spots to gain an all-time highest 2nd spot in the World Athletics Rankings. Germany’s Johannes Vetter is the only athlete ahead of him in the Javelin Throw.

Neeraj Chopra gained a ranking score of 1315 due to his extraordinary performance in the Tokyo Olympics, which led to his astonishing rise in the world rankings.  

The Milestone Conquered  

Neeraj’s tremendous efforts in Tokyo made him the 1st Indian Track and Field athlete to win an Olympic Gold on August 7. The 23 years old gold medalist won the final with a throw of 87.58 meters. It was the fourth-best Gold medal-winning throw since 2000 at the Olympics.

Neeraj’s historic golden throw has been listed in the top 10 magical moments of the Track and Field Athletics in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 by the World Athletics. 

The World Athletics website mentions that Neeraj Chopra’s profile sky-rocketed after winning the Javelin In Tokyo, making him India’s first athletics Gold medalist in the Olympics history.

Neeraj’s Instagram followers took a massive rise from 143,000 followers before the Olympics to an astonishing 3.2 million followers, making him the most followed track and field athlete worldwide. 

World Athletics Rankings  

The star athlete was ranked 16th in the world rankings before the commencement of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

He surpassed various big names in the world rankings after winning the Gold at Tokyo. With a ranking score of 1315, he is standing at the 2nd spot in the world rankings.

Germany’s Johannes Vetter has a ranking score of 1396, who finished 9th in the Olympics final. 

Men’s Javelin World Athletics Rankings
The Gold Medalist secures 2nd Spot in the World Athletics Rankings
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The Magnificent Beginning of Neeraj’s Career 

There is a long journey from being a chubby kid to the Olympics gold medalist. The pride of India, Neeraj Chopra, was one of the fittest athletes in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

In his childhood, he travelled 20kms away from his village Khandra to visit a gym in Panipat. He developed an interest in the javelin throw when he came across the athletes training at the Shivaji Stadium.  

Jaiveer Singh was his first coach who taught him the art of javelin throw in Panipat. However, Neeraj shifted to Tau Devi Lal Stadium in Panchkula while chasing brilliance.

The javelin coach Naseem Ahmad at the Tau Devi Lal Stadium used to start Neeraj’s training in the morning with long-distance running. It was followed by javelin throw practice later in the day.

Neeraj was very disciplined and sincere about his craft. He used to spend his free time perfecting his art of javelin throw from an early age.  

The world heard the name Neeraj Chopra for the first time at the IAAF World U20 Championships in 2016 held at Bydgoszcz, Poland, when he etched a throw of 86.48 meters to take home the Gold medal while setting a junior world record.

This achievement got Neeraj into the Indian Army as Junior Commissioned Officer.  

Neeraj developed different dimensions of his skills when he started to train under German biomechanics expert Klaus Bartonietz.

Bartonietz ingrained the idea of recognizing ‘the body as a bow and the javelin as an arrow’ in Neeraj, making him achieve the most remarkable feat of his glorious career as an athlete in Tokyo 2020.

He also helped the young athlete book his Tokyo Olympics 2020 at the Athletics Central North East Meeting in Potchefstroom, South Africa. 

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