The Ruling Party of Poland Regain its Parliament Majority


The ruling party of Poland saves itself from a fall by regaining a narrow parliament majority

The political problem doesn’t seem to be stopping in Poland, where it is marked by one more exciting turn. Poland’s ruling political party stated that it had regained its majority after defectors returned to the party.

The party notified that one of three coalition lawmakers had rejoined the party, and now the party has gained a majority in the lower house.

Three Lawmakers Exit the Ruling Party

Earlier on Friday of June 25, three lawmakers left the ruling party because of differences in opinions. These three included Zbigniew Girzynski, Malgorzata Janowska and Arkadiusz Czartoryski.

The three lawmakers were in disagreement with the government over its decision to phase out coal and the recovery plan of the government from the pandemic. During the election campaign, the ruling party had pledged to no phase out coal, which is the country’s primary energy source.

The loss of lawmakers had brought down the coalition party to 229 seats, very close to losing its majority. Jan Grabiec, an opposition party spokesperson, marked the moment went the government lost the majority as a “symbolic moment”.

A Long Drawn Political Battle

After the passage of some time, on July 14, the defectors rejoined the party. Along with the defectors, some other also joined the coalition government.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the Law and Justice leader, states that the part’s coalition with two other smaller parties bringing ruling party seats up to 232 out of 460.

While the ruling party rejoices from escaping an earlier fall from government, the opposition parties didn’t seem happy. The opposing parties had already started to make preparations for early elections.

The party now in power came into rule when it had won the elections of 2015. It has always been in the limelight because of its stance with the European Union over climate, the rule of law and judicial independence.

The same party also won the next elections of 2019 because of their agenda that is mainly based on social and conventional ideals. If they had lost, it would have been for the first time since six years of having a solid majority.

Punita Sinha
Punita Sinha
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