The Second Wave of COVID-19 Affecting Studies and Recruitment


Have you ever thought of being so unproductive during Second Wave of COVID-19 and how its Affecting Studies and Recruitment?

The situation of coronavirus has taken down everything drastically. People are experiencing fevers, traumas, breathing issues, etc. This is affecting the admissions in the education industry too. Educational institutions are giving their 100% to match the required ratio but cannot acquire it in this dreadful situation.

After scrutinizing every scenario, we are jotting down every indicator concerning studies and admission procedures. On that note, let us find out some significant points regarding this issue:

How eLearning become essential part of today's studies group

1. Digitally challenged teachers:

This is one of the prime and prominent factors when it comes to online teaching. Teachers are struggling in handling gadgets for teaching. The generation dealing in this teaching process carries a habit of educating the audience with a face-to-face discussion. Teachers are trying hard to get through this and be confident enough to deal with an online class of 30 students at a time. On the other hand, students don’t take it seriously and mock teachers by conducting inappropriate online activities. Though this is an excellent effort from the education system, it is not the best fit in the particular industry.

2. Scary conditions:

Due to pandemics, the conditions these days are worst. People are in a panic state. They are mentally weak, going through anxiety and depression, the reason is ‘PANDEMIC.’ They are trying not to step outside the house and even don’t want their children to do so. Resulting, institutions are being closed, admissions are on hold, and teachers aren’t available. This scary situation leads to many unwanted factors regarding students’ studies, which is ultimately affecting their academic year.

3. Pending results:

Scheduled exams of the previous year have been halted, resulting in an incomplete report card. Though faculty understand this situation and are more flexible than ever before, promoting to the next level with no core results is quite tricky. Channelizing towards a new curriculum with no good results for candidates would make the situation worse. Setting up the new admission criterion with an appropriate set of rules must be implemented to avoid this situation.

4. Effect on employment:

The level of job opportunities has also taken aback due to this scenario. Several cancellations have taken place in recruitment processes this year which is ultimately affecting placements of students as companies are not willing to recruit man force this time, thus resulting in an increased rate of unemployment. We can observe it by glancing towards freshers, who are not afraid of losing jobs in the private sector while government jobs are on hold in the pandemic. This is clear that there are employment crises, there is a drop in education level as people run behind basic necessity rather than jobs.


5. Limited Faculty:

Talking about delivering rich and quality content, an institution provides many faculties to ensure that students get a satisfactory education standard. But due to the current conditions of Covid-19, teachers are resigning from the posts; they are leaving jobs to stay at home. Teaching online is not enough. The results we are getting are not enough, and more faculties are needed to be recruited or hired in this situation as they cannot afford drowning future of students.

6. Responsibilities and Payments:

As everything has been shifted to the online foreground, parents, having their kids in primary level, are also facing some issues. They are now responsible for setting up everything related to their child’s classes and lectures. From making sure if the child is attentive to ensuring about its home assignments, they are having a hard time assuming that not all the parents are well educated to educated children at home. On the contrary, when it comes to payments and fees, it is also taking a drastic turn as many parents face the unfortunate situation of being unemployed, thus not paying fees at certain time intervals, which can eventually affect the private institutions.

7. Online lectures:

Converting offline classes into online lectures was tough initially, but students got habitual later on. Now, the question arises: Is it productive and beneficial for students to attend lessons like that? According to studies, only 40% of the general scholars are attending these lectures seriously, and they are involved in their work and not attending them as they should. Many of them sleep, get involved with other activities, play games, watch videos, etc., after joining the class and getting attendance, which is pretty wrong. Children should understand and respect a little effort made by the institution.

How converting offline classes into online lectures affects studies

8. Enrollment Exam:

To enter any department of any institution, one needs to clear an enrollment exam that clarifies your I.Q level and filters the creamy layer of students for the particular department. But because of the pandemic, it is tough to conduct any entrance exam that breaks a hierarchy of the admission process. This could bring a positive thought as it would increase online admissions without clearing entrance exams. However, if we see a negative impact on the admission procedure, it would decline the entire admission network.

Bottom line:

Despite having such a crucial time in our lives, institutions are working hard to enroll in future batches. Students are convincing their families and yet making wise decisions. Taking down things online and extending deadlines of application forms are working great in this pandemic. 

Classes can be conducted after some declining Covid-19 cases across the world, but taking necessary precautions is very important and must. Having a proper set of new guidelines for the universities should be mandatory to avoid the increased risk and possibility of coronavirus.

Have a safe future ahead! 


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