The Simpsons Predicted Euro,2020?


The UEFA European Championship, otherwise properly called EURO, completed this year’s Championship on July 11-12.

Though both teams gave their cent per cent, the end of the championship was marked by Italy lifting the EURO Cup after defeating its counterpart England in the thrilling match.

Later, after the win, Twitter flooded with many congratulatory, disappointed and exciting messages. One of the messages contained information on how the Simpsons had already predicted the defeat of England in the Euro Cup 2020.

The final match of EURO between Italy and England was a jaw-dropping match where the results of who will win the game and who will lose were unclear till the end of it. Italy, the unbeaten team throughout the tournament, drew the points table in the second half with 1-1 on both sides.

An extra time of 30 minutes was allotted to the game so that a definite team could come out as the champion. But even after 120 minutes of both teams trying their level best to score a goal, it ended with a draw.

The turn of the tournament came during the penalty shootout. Federico Bernardeschi, Leonardo Bonucci and Domenico Berardi helped Italy score three out of five penalty goals. Now it was England’s turn, and when the first two goals hit the post, every Italian was deeply disappointed.

Now two more goals, and the Cup would have gone to England. But none of the latter three players was able to score a goal. Gianluigi Donnarumma, the Italian goalkeeper, emerged as the tournament’s hero as he saved two penalty kicks of England.

Italy finally lifted the European Championship Cup for the first time since 1968. The spectators were in disbelief, thinking the same team to bring the prestigious EURO Cup home who couldn’t qualify for the 2018 World Cups.

“It was impossible to even think about this, but the guys were extraordinary”, said the winning team coach Roberto Mancini.


“The Simpsons” show has been given credit for many predictions over time. Some of them include the big plot twist of Daenerys Targaryen in “Game of Thrones” series, the Higgs Boson equation’s discovery, the election of Donald Trump and the tower bridge of The Shard. When England got defeated in the EURO Cup, some Twitter users believed that this was one such prediction.

The prediction came to people’s notice after a Twitter user posted a photo saying The Simpsons have already predicted the match. The Twitter user took reference from episode 19, season 6 of this animated television series.

This particular episode was about how Lisa was told about her future after 15 years from 2010 by a fortune teller. In the episode, Lisa brings over her boyfriend, Hugh Parkfield, to meet the family.

But both do not get along as Lisa had hoped. She asks Hugh to wear cufflinks for their wedding. Hugh, in response, says that he will only wear it if Lisa abandons her family after the wedding. Lisa decides to choose her family over her boyfriend and cancels the wedding. The UK flag can be then seen burning in Hugh’s eyes.

This event of the UK’s flag-burning made the Twitterati believe that The Simpsons have already predicted correctly England’s loss and the violence that followed.

Soon after Italy was announced as the winner, violence broke out outside England’s home ground at Wembley stadium. England fans attacked and racially abused the Italian fans injuring many of them.

Light flares were launched, and officers were wounded badly. Some videos that made to the internet showed them stomping, spitting and stepping on the Italian flag. Videos also show angry fans kicking and thrashing their Italian counterpart.

On Sunday, London saw many cases of violence and vandalism. The heartbroken fans didn’t even leave their players who missed the penalty kicks. They were subjected to racial abuse and discrimination overall on social media platforms.

England Football Association issued a statement condemning these abuses against the players. Many celebrities and stars even took this matter to their social media handles and have asked their fans to report any more such cases of racial abuse and online harassment.

Punita Sinha
Punita Sinha
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