A DJ, YouTuber, and K-pop artist are on the SpaceX lunar mission.

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An industrial DJ, K-pop rapper, and an area YouTuber are to head on a ride across the Moon when they had been picked via means of a Japanese billionaire for a personal SpaceX flight.

Businessman Yusaku Maezawa discovered his team on Friday after a worldwide search for innovative people. American DJ Steve Aoki and Korean famous person TOP are the maximum high-profile picks. The flight, scheduled for the subsequent year, will be the primary lunar orbital adventure via means of people since 1972.


The proposed fly-via-way of means might see a spacecraft circle the moon, coming inside 200km of the surface. The ride might take 8 days from release to return.

However, US regulators are yet to present permission for the Starship rocket from Elon Musk’s SpaceX agency that the team is meant to tour.

The delivery has now no longer even been accredited for an orbital adventure across the Earth and has been grounded for the beyond 18 months in Texas, after it finished a check release in May 2021.

But Mr. Maezawa made no point out of this putoff in his video pronouncing the team for the challenge he is dubbed dear moon.

The beginning scene indicates Mr. Maezawa on a Japanese lawn searching for the moon. It then cuts to expose the primary group member – DJ Aoki – at one in all.”

I cannot omit this opportunity. My soul is begging for this,” the Billboard-charting artist says withinside the video.

The subsequent passenger discovered is Youtuber Tim Dodd – additionally called the Everyday Astronaut- who has 1. four million fans online for his academic films on spaceflight and astrophysics.

In his video launched on Friday, the vlogger stated he could not accept as true that he’d been selected. He introduced that SpaceX’s assertion in 2017 that it’d ship a civilian to the moon changed into “ironically, or poetically… definitely what was given me commenced making films on Youtube.”

The different introduced dearMoon assignment participants are:

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  • TOP (Choi Seung Hyun), a K-pop rapper and previous lead of the boyband Big Bang (South Korea)
  • Dancer and choreographer Yemi A.D (Czech Republic)
  • Photographer Rhiannon Adam (Ireland)
  • Wildlife photographer Karim Iliya (UK)
  • Filmmaker Brendan Hall (US)
  • Actor Dev Joshi (India)
Image source: Yahoo News

US Olympic snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington and Japanese dancer Miyu had been named as backup dancers.”I wish everyone will understand the obligation that includes leaving the Earth, traveling to the moon and back,” Mr. Maezawa stated.

“They will benefit loads from this enjoyable and I wish they may use that to make contributions to the planet, to humanity.”Mr. Maezawa, who made his fortune in the online style store Zozo, has emerged as prominently concerned in business area travel.

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Last 12 months he went to the International Space Station on a Russian rocket for 12 days.

Source: NASA

Musk claims Starship rocket near going orbitalElon Musk rejects claims that he’s hogging area 2018, he changed his name because the first non-public passenger to be flown across the moon with the aid of using SpaceX and stated he could sponsor the price of 8 different passengers on board.

The fee Mr. Maezawa agreed to pay for his price tag to the area has now no longer been disclosed, however, in step with Mr. Musk it changed into “several money”.

In 2020, he additionally released a documentary looking for a brand new female friend to enroll him on his moon voyage, earlier than canceling because of “blended feelings”.


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