The third wave of coronavirus may become inevitable if vaccination is not sped up and proper guidelines are not followed.


Chief Scientific Advisor K Vijay Raghavan stated on May 5 that as the virus further mutates, the third wave of COVID infection is inevitable, so it is necessary to prepare for the new wave. However, he also went on to state that 

  • if adequate measures are taken at the state, district, and municipal levels, that is, following the strict guidelines and conducting a fast and smooth vaccination process, there still might be some chance to prevent it 
  • M Vidyasagar, a scientist involved in the Sutra model, which utilizes mathematics to predict the trajectory of COVID-19, said that if vaccination against coronavirus is not intensified and strict guidelines for COVID-19 cannot be maintained, a third major outbreak may occur within 6-8 months. 
  • However, he emphasized that the Sutra model has not yet predicted the third wave and is currently studying it. A professor at the Indian Institute of Technology in Hyderabad cited an article by an Italian researcher about people infected with diminishing antibodies capable of providing some immunity in 6 months.
  • M Vidyasagar also went on to add, “We have also added immunity and vaccination aspects to our model for our future predictions.” According to a study by San Rafael Hospital in Milan, antibodies remained in the bodies of people who suffered from COVID-19 for almost eight months.
  • There is a chance of immunity going down if antibodies are lost. In this case, vaccination should be strengthened, and strict COVID-19 guidelines should be adopted. Otherwise, the third wave may very well hit within 6-8 months.




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