The Tomorrow War: Film Review


The director of The Tomorrow War, Chris McKay, starring Chris Patt, is a thriller adventure sci-fi movie that depicts the story of an alien invasion in future.

Imagine yourself taking a trip to the end only to find that the alien invasion will destroy the planet, killing humans using bio-engineered organisms otherwise known as Whitespikes.

The supporting cast members include Yvonne Strahovski, J. K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge, Jasmine Mathews, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, and Keith Powers.

All the characters play brilliant roles making almost a theatrical entry of soldiers and civilians to fight the army.

One can imagine the excitement and the adrenaline rush rushing through the body while saving homes and billion of lives.

However, the film’s theatrical release was delayed due to the pandemic, and Amazon had to acquire the movie’s distribution rights.

Finally, the film premiered on July 2, 2021, making 6.7 stars out of 10 on IMDB. However, the movie explicitly portrays some of the best onscreen fights between aliens and civilians.

Story of The Tomorrow War

The sudden interruption of the World Cup on a broadcast media only to find out that the humans would vanish after 30 years from now creates a hustle.

Henceforth, humans need ancient civilization or era to fight the aliens, ‘Whitespike,’ and help save the planet.

Meanwhile, on December 22, teacher and the former Green Beret (US Army Special force), Dan Forester fail to get a job in a prestigious institution.

The story reveals that the white spikes will arrive in 2048 and kill the human species within three years.

Is planet earth saved?

Fortunately, the military was present to jump into the fight to save humans and the planet from alien invasion. Hence, an average citizen would have to tour or instead be deployed to the future through a wormhole called ‘Jumplinks.’

Sadly, only within seven days, fewer than 30 per cent of the population return with an international draft and racked with PTSD from what they witnessed in future.

Dan Forester, the former Green Beret, received that he had been drafted along with other draftees and needed to go on special training to fight the aliens.

However, Dan reasoned with a fellow draftee Charlie to avoid paradoxes like people drafted before the war were already dead. Afterwards, the draftees were sent to the battlefield, but only a few survived.

Colonel Forester, the field commander, ordered the draftees to rescue the lab personnel, but the latter was found dead.

However, they covered the research, and Dan commanded the situation to the authorities, but they denied further help. Except for Charlie, Dan and Dorian, no one survived.

After waking up in the military encampment, Dan reported to Col Forester, his future grown-up daughter, Muri.

Muri disclosed that his father died in a car crash after being dissatisfied with his career losses.

Dan accompanied Muri on a mission to capture a white spike (female). Muri created a toxin to kill the white tip (female) but sacrificed her life to send Dan to his past.

However, the returnees discovered that the White spikes were present long ago, since the millennium eruption (year 946) and later on, they emerged from under the ice caps.

Dan, accompanied by Charlie, James, Dorian and a few surviving soldiers, made a trip to Russia to prove the theory.

After a long debate with the world, they decided to end the problem right then and there. The team discovered a crashed spaceship at the Academy of Sciences Glacier on Komsomolets Island.

However, they realized that the white spikes are bio-engineered organisms used by another alien species.

Most of the dormant white tips are injected with toxins, killing them only to wake others. Dorian suffering from cancer, stayed behind and blew up the spaceship with C-4, killing all the white spikes except for the one.

Dan, along with James (his estranged father), killed the escaped white tip. Thus, Charlie, Dan and James became the only survivors. Henceforth, the war was averted, saving the planet.


The entertainment web portal, ‘The Wrap’ reports,” ‘The Tomorrow War’: Amazon, Skydance in Talks for Sequel.”

Another entertainment web portal, ‘Variety‘, reports, “Tomorrow War’ Sequel Talks Underway With Chris Pratt, Director Chris McKay Returning.”

Rotten Tomatoes reports, “It isn’t the most surprising time-travel movie, but a satisfying story and plenty of entertaining action make The Tomorrow War well worth a watch.”

The blogging site Slash Film reports, ‘The Tomorrow War 2’ in the Works at Amazon, Chris Pratt and Director Chris McKay Expected to Return.”

The reports make it a worthy watch.

Tanmaya Das
Tanmaya Das
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