The Words of Confidence in battling COVID 19 Second Wave by PM Narendra Modi to the District Officials.


PM Narendra Modi appreciated the role of district officials from across India in fighting the cases against covid-19 second wave. He also encouraged them to adopt innovation at the micro-level. He urged them to send the ideas to the central government for all possible replication to distribute in other parts of the country.

In this introduction, he stresses villages’ contribution, highlighting that farmers should meticulously follow social distancing norms while working in fields and other preventive measures.

The marked words of the prime minister emphasized on praising the efforts of the officials in every district while battling to covid-19 mentioning that every district has its challenges the officials understand the challenges of their respective districts very well so if the district wins the country will also eventually win and at the same time if the district defeats covid-19 the country will also be able to defeat covid-19.

PM Narendra Modi stress on batting against Covid-19 in District Level 

PM Modi also increased the confidence of the officials by addressing that they all have an important role in the fight against covid-19 following that all are the field commanders of this war, and whenever there will be a sudden war, the field commanders will be implementing the big policy to fight on the ground and take effective decisions as per the situation occurs.

During the interactive session, the PM focused mainly on the existing weapons to tackle the covid-19 search and processed the significance of enforcing the correct information to the people, briefing the participants about the use of oxygen plants which are to be set up in certain parts of the district using the PM Cares Fund he also suggested that the better utilizations of the Oxygen will depend on the efficiency of the Oxygen Monitoring Committee observing the need of vaccination is very crucial to battle the Pandemic and the supply of the doses are being ramped up he gave a clarity call to avoid any further vaccine wastage.

Quoting the sentence that covid-19 figures are fluctuating up and down in some States in the current situation, so there is a need to maintain more vigile when the numbers are decreasing. Following the previous year, the stressing should be on the fact that saving every single life is our sole responsibility.

He concludes the last line that it is crucial for us to focus on testing, tracking, isolation, treatment, and Covid appropriate behaviors and defeating the Pandemic.

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