These 5 Thriller Books Will Keep You Hooked Till The Secrets Are Revealed.


NETFLIX is a very Popular Platform among younger generations for its Hard Core thriller and suspense series.

Velocity MR study shows that there has been more than a 60% rise in subscribers on Platforms like Amazon and Netflix during the Lockdown.

Vivek Dahiya, A 21-year-old boy in his final year of Graduation, spend 10hours a day binge-watching the Netflix series ‘THE STRANGER’. He mentioned, “The level of curiosity did not allow me to take a break”.

Netflix is now turning into an obsession among the youth. They are spending hours and hours binge-watching movies and series. No doubt, Netflix provides you with so many options from different genres. But sometimes, you need a break from Netflix and opt for Thriller Books instead.

Did you know that many series and movies you watch on Netflix are based on Novels or Books?

Now before, you choose a book and sit with it, on a sofa. Make sure you make your Ambience and Environment thrilled and suspenseful. Here are some tips

  1. Switch off all the lights. Light a Candle.
  2. Sit with popcorn or chips.
  3. Read it Loud
  4. Imagine every scene that you read in your head. (the crime scene, the suspect scene, the mystery)

Wooohhhh! Sounds Fun.

Now let us check out these five hit thriller & Suspense books of all time. If you haven’t read all of it, you can’t call yourself an expert on Thriller & Suspense Books.


A 2015 psychological thriller novel that narrates the stories of three different women struggling in their marriage relationships and their drinking problem AND their struggle with their past traumas. British author Paul Hawkins writes this book. The Novel won the first spot on the NEWYORK TIMES FICTION BEST SELLERS OF 2015.

Girl on the train

Rachel Watson is 33-year-old Divorced Women, who had a miserable married life. Tom cheated on her with another woman at his workplace, due to which she was Traumatized and started overdrinking to the point that she lost consciousness.

Anna is a beautiful woman. She is the wife of Rachel’s Ex-Husband ‘TOM’. Anna and Tom is a parent to a beautiful child.

Megan Hipwell, A married woman with a dark and troubled past, has been affecting her present married Life. She does not get satisfied with his husband and tends to get attracted to other men.

Megan’s husband wants to start a family, but Megan is not ready to be a MOTHER, and so the couple always fight on this issue. But One day, Meghan is tested positive for Pregnancy.


American author Gillian Flynn writes this book. A 2012 crime and thriller novel. The Novel became popular and ranked in NEWYORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST. It shares the story of a Married Couple whose married Life starts getting dirty after complicated things happen in their Life.

Gone Girl

AMY DUNNE, A beautiful, smart, charismatic woman. She grew up wealthy. She became the source for her psychologist parents “AMAZING AMY” children series book.

NICK DUNNE, Amy and Nick fell in love, and after dating for 2years, they got married. 

Suddenly on their 5th marriage anniversary, AMY went missing. No one knows if she is alive, kidnapped or dead—the police suspect nick for his wife’s disappearance.

As you go further in the book, you will realize how things got so dark, and all the dirty secrets were revealed to the point where you would feel raged on both the leads.



American author THOMAS HARRIS writes this book. A 1988 psychology, crime and thriller novel. The film adaption of the Novel has won the ACADEMY AWARD FOR BEST PICTURE

The story revolves around the Character of a Serial Killer dubbed name “BUFFALO BILL“. His motive involves abducting oversized women, starving and torturing them for two weeks, brutally murdering them, skinning them, and then dumping the body in the nearby river.

The story reveals how the FBI investigates the case, reveals the real culprit and serial killer behind it, and saves the victims from the culprit. You will also realize how the cover of the book has ‘MOTH’ printed on it.



British author S.J. WATSON writes this Novel. The Novel was her debut book. A 2011 thriller suspense novel. It ranked seventh on the U.S Bestseller list.

The book is a psychological thriller about a woman suffering from a rare disease. She wakes up every morning beside her husband and asks her husband, “Who are you?” The Novel follows her as she tries to regain her memories from a journal she has been keeping. 

She realizes that she has been visiting a doctor for treatment. To recover her memory, her name is Christine Lucas, that she is 47 years old and married and has a son. As her journal grows, it casts doubts on the truth behind this knowledge as she determines who she is.


MAGMAby Thora Hjörleifsdóttir

Magma is a 2021 thriller novel. Twenty-year-old beautiful woman Lilja is in love. She is in love with a Toxic man. He is also a serial cheater and narcissist. Lilja will do anything to hold on to him. And so, she accepts his deceptions and endures his sexual desires.

She loves him to the point that she doesn’t want to let him go despite his toxic behaviour. She rationalizes his poisonous behaviour and permits him to cross all her boundaries in her desperation to be a perfect love.

She is now trapped in her Relationship And then an unexpected ultimatum: an all-consuming love or the promise of a life reclaimed.

Opinion: “THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN” is a must-read. You will be shocked by the end, as the truth reveals.

Farmil Ansari
Farmil Ansari
Farmil Ansari is a woman dreaming to put her thoughts into words. Farmil is an Introvert but not to the extent that it bridges the gap between her and the people. She loves to do voluntary work. She believes being Empath is a rare treasure in this world. She also writes thoughts and feeling connected deep within the soul on her Social Media Platform. She does not have the ability to Sugar Coat Words. She completed her Post Graduation from Mumbai University. She never was an Extraordinary person but always tried her best to be the best version of herself.



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