Time to Rethink Your Wardrobe: Sustainable Fashion


Do you know what sustainable fashion means? Are there any sustainable brands that you can search for? Have you ever mulled over while shopping with your beloved labels that what it uses to create a T-shirt or maybe your ice blue coloured trousers?

FYI one T-shirt takes 977L of water, and nylon fabric takes 40years to disintegrate. Have you ever contemplated where does your little black dress go when you simply toss out it after wearing it once?

In the times of red alert for our planet Earth, it comes to be more of an urgency to think about all these questions. The making of clothes adds to air pollution, the discharge of different toxic chemicals and most importantly, a decrease in water.

This is where Sustainable Fashion gets into the picture. It is designing and manufacturing in an environmentally and socially thoughtful means.

You must have listened to the word “Sustainable Clothes” popping out. Multinational brands like Zara and H&M have brought about an independent section on sustainable garments.

Not only global brands but startups are also rising with sustainable labels. Jaipur based brand Littleteens by Mitali Bhargava shines in taking pride to make form the plant-based fibre for sustainable kidswear.

What an ideal brand looks like in sustainable fashion- A brand that cultivates in a most considerate of humanity, the brand’s core stays in working without leaving negative impacts.

What You Can Do as A Consumer

Buy Second Hand

As these are the clothes that already exist, buying second-hand saves the actual negative impact of production.

Please Swap!

Yes, please swap with your siblings or friends rather than buying and trust me, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Stick to it

Paparazzi culture, along with our Bollywood Celebrities, have affected this a lot. But please stick to the last thread of your clothing by repeating them. This slows the speed of your purchase, and fewer items are produced.

Keep minimal

If you are a person who likes to change and experiment with all the trends and at the same time not to get bored of what you possess, have as little as possible.


You would have worn it multiple times, but it can always be a new choice for someone else. Replace your discarding with donating your clothes.

Ayushi Rana
Ayushi Rana
An English Literature graduate from Delhi University, aiming to join Indian Armed Forces. A reader, writer and learner who carries a profound curiosity in reaping to the roots of any going on around the realm. Not long back, she uncovers a retreat from her studies through writing. Interning as a social media manager and content writer lifts her time manageability. Her interests are as different as they could but simultaneously working for both brings in her well-balanced juggle too. She loves meeting new people but probably chooses paws over people. Ayushi is full of ideas and exploring shots to learn and thrive.



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