Tips on How To Take Care of Yourself During Menopause


Menopause is a condition where a woman conjures the end of her menstrual cycle for life. Evaluation claims that after the menstruator goes 12 months straight without periods.

Women of the 40s or 50s have predicted this significant and natural state concerning menstruation. Though this setting is a biological alignment, still it constitutes symptoms known to be the start of Menopause.

Symptoms might include irregular periods, disruption of a sleeping pattern, mood swings and weight gain etc. These specifications might demoralize your energy and affect your mental health.

They need to be amended with a healthy lifestyle balance or hormone therapy to facilitate a smooth, stimulating, healthy life.

Tips on How To Take Care of Yourself During Menopause
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Tips For A Healthy Menopause

Morning Routine with Dry fruits

Having figs and walnut after 15 minutes of walking is the best way to keep your body energetic for the whole day without clogging down to bloating, indigestion, acidity or gastric problems.

Breakfast is the King

Breakfast is one of the most important meals for you, and not having it can proceed to micronutrient insufficiency, which shall further cause a decrease in the energy level, having severe moods swings or being angrily irritable without any cause.

Lunch in Millets

You must include millets, but that doesn’t mean you should consist of all the millets in there together like bajra, jowar, Jaggi, kuttu or other numerous millets. They should be added to your meals adequately, like 2 or 3 days a week.

Specific millets in a particular season like Ragi in monsoon, jowar in summers, bajra in winters and rice and wheat can be consumed all year round. They should also not be eaten in atta as surplus fibre can contribute to instability.

The best way to have it is having ragi roti with dal and also procure a good amount of ghee for digestion.

Ladoos are Always a Good Option

Traditional ladoos are the best, which will help provide a substantial amount of nutrients and energy. Ladoos like Rajgeera Ladoo is rich in calcium which in turn can enable comfortable Menopause.

At the same time, Aliv Ladoo is fabricated with high iron and folic acid and Rava Nariyal ladoo helps with mood disintegration during Menopause.

For Dinner

It is provisional to have rice as it will help with bloating and water retention for dinner.

Follow through these tips, we ensure you will proceed with stable and accountable Menopause. You can enjoy a relaxing period free life.

Shivya Kumar Verma
Shivya Kumar Verma
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