Turkey and Pakistan refuse to accept US policy for Afghan refugees.


Turkey and Pakistan have strongly criticized the US new policy on Afghan refugees. Turkey says it can take these people directly to its place while Pakistan has raised its hands.

The US has asked Pakistan to open its border for Afghan refugees amid deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan. A large number of people are entering the Pakistani border amid rising tensions in Afghanistan. The US Foreign Ministry has said that it will be essential for Pakistan to open its border to Afghan citizens.

The External Affairs of the Ministry of USA has also said that if afghans move north due to tensions, it is apparent that they will move to Iran and Turkey. There is also a possibility that refugees may enter the borders of these countries and register themselves there.

The US has appealed not only to Pakistan to open the borders but also to Turkey. The US has said that Turkey should allow Afghan refugees to stay in Turkey for about 14 months before they arrive in the USA.

Pakistan reaction to the US appeal

Pakistan has also reacted to the US appeal. Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf has stated about the US statement that livelihood for Afghans’ should be arranged in their own country. He has directly rejected the US appeal saying Pakistan is not ready to bear the burden of Afghan refugees. Pakistan does not have that much capacity. Pakistan says it can’t handle the responsibility of more Afghan refugees.

Turkey openly criticizes US policy for Afghan refugees

Turkey has also rejected the US appeal. Not only that, but Turkey has also criticized the US appeal. Turkey says it will rapidly escalate the refugee crisis. Turkey has rejected the US appeal saying it is irresponsible, can’t accept this policy in any case.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry has said that the US can do it directly to provide asylum to Afghan refugees. They can take them there by air. There is no need to drag Turkey in all this.Turkey has thrown the relief ball to the refugees in the court of Pakistan and Iran. Turkey’s Foreign Ministry says only two countries can play the most prominent role for the Afghan people. One is Pakistan, and the other is Iran.

If not Turkey or Pakistan, then who?

According to the experts, due to the deteriorated relations with Iran, they don’t think Iran will help the USA in this matter. Ever since the US has worsened its diplomatic ties with Iran, the USA have to look at Pakistan to implement its policies. But this time, it seems that the USA has to find someone else to enforce its policies. That country must have pro-USA and anti-Taliban sentiments and locate within the neighbourhood of Afghanistan.

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