U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan: Evacuation Process Begins


“U.S. Embassy in Kabul to evacuate in next 36 hours.” say Reports.

The Taliban Rebels captured the eastern city of Afghanistan, Jalalabad, without any struggle on Sunday, leaving the territory controlled by the falling government to little more than the capital
of Kabul.


U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan: Evacuation Process Begins
Image Source: Arab News

The United States embassy in Kabul urged all U.S. citizens to leave Afghanistan as the security state of affairs continues to degrade.

“The United States embassy urges citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately using available commercial flight options,” said the embassy in its statement.

The U.S. embassy also said that its capacity to help the Americans in evacuation is minimal due to reducing staffing and security conditions in the wake of increasing brutality and threat reports.

The United States has started evacuating its consuls and sent thousands of troops to remove State Department staff safely.

Multiple Security and diplomatic sources in Washington and Kabul said that the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, would be shifted of all but a handful of key personnel within the next 36 hours, and all-American officials would be out of the country entirely by 31 st August.

The evacuation came to the rescue when a U.S. official said that it is just a few days before the Taliban troops would take over the worn-torn country with a 4 million population.

After thousands of soldiers are ready to remove diplomats safely, Joe Biden, the President of the USA, ordered another 1.000 troops from the 82 nd Airborne at Fort Bragg to join the evacuation process, making it a total of 5,000.


The Kabul embassy staff has begun destroying important and secretive documents and equipment. The internal memo called the disposal of American flags and items that can be used for propaganda purposes.

Those who remain at the embassy will be specific agents from the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Service and important decision-makers.

Security engineers will stay behind to destroy sensitive information and documents like hard drives and uninstalling cameras and records.


The remaining embassy staff and all those awaiting immigrant visas will be shuttled to the International Airport of Kabul. A fallback embassy will be set up in an aeroplane hangar to provide visas and evacuations and get ready to leave.

The U.S. embassy also said that it could give a repatriation loan to citizens who do not have enough money to afford the tickets for a commercial flight to the United States.
The U.S. department has set the travel advisory at level 4, the highest of all, in arrears to the terrorism, kidnapping, conflict and coronavirus pandemic.

U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan: Evacuation Process Begins
Image Source: thenews.com

“The President had said, making it clear that after 20 years of war, it’s time for American troops to come home, and as he said at that time, the state quo was not a choice. The Taliban was set to attack U.S. and NATO troops after 1st May, which was their deadline of departure.” said the White House Spokesperson, Jen Psaki.

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