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Russia on fire

ukraine counterstrikes the attacks carried out by Russia on Kyiv. It has been the 314th day of the Russia-Ukraine war. On a recent drone attack by Russia, Ukraine planned to counter-strike and fired 6 rocket missiles at the vocational college in Makiivka, the twin city of the Russian-controlled regional capital of Donetsk; on the night of New Year, which killed almost 63 Russian soldiers. Moscow disclosed that the rockets fired were US-made HIMARS launchers.


Ukraine attacks Russia

On the night of New Year at 00:01 hours, 6 Ukraine rocket missiles hit the building of a college in Makiivka which had become the base and the residential area of the Russian soldiers. More than 3, 00,000 soldiers were residing in that building. Moscow has said this Monday those 6 missiles were fired and 2 of them were shot down. They also accused the US forces of telling them the exact location of the building as the video surfaced of the attack showed that the firing was from only a few kilometers away.

destruction in war

Russia targets Ukraine’s Kyiv after 6 missiles firing

According Kyiv’s Mayor Vitali Klitschko says that on Monday, Russia fired over 40 drones towards Kyiv but some of them they destroyed. Even the energy infrastructure facilities were damaged and due to the continuous attacks, an explosion occurred in one of the city’s districts. President Zelenskyy has accused Russia of “energy terrorism” as the aerial bombardments have left many people without heat amid the chilly winter. 

Russia conducts air strikes, and Ukraine again hits back

Ukraine said, that it had shot down all the 39 drones Russia had fired in a third straight night of air strikes in the capital Kyiv and other cities. According to Aleksandr Bogomaz, the regional governor of the Bryansk region, Russia said this Monday that Kyiv has struck their energy facility on fire in a nearby village leaving it without power, however, no injuries were reported, and repair work is on. After firing dozens of missiles on December 31, Russia launched more than 80 Iranian-made Shahed drones on January 1 and January 2. Zelenskyy said that Russia is planning to exhaust the country, adding to the number of attacks.

Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu (R) visits combat units

Leaders on Russia Ukraine’s ongoing war

Defense Ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov said, “All necessary assistance and support will be provided to the families of the fallen troops.” Russia’s Foreign Ministry condemned Washington for not only supplying weapons to Kyiv but also for the location of Russian forces. Gregory Karasin, a member of the Russian Senate and former deputy foreign minister demanded vengeance against Ukraine and its NATO supporters but also an exacting internal analysis. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy did not address the strike in his nightly speech on Monday.

Ex-NATO general predicts a ceasefire over the Russian- Ukraine war 

Senior former German army and NATO General Hans-Lothar Domrose had given a prediction over the ceasefire over the war in 2023. He told the newspapers of the German Funke media group that both countries will run into a settlement this summer because they will feel that fighting is no longer of any use and that will be the moment of ceasefire negotiations. He has also said that the only way to end the conflict is through a negotiated agreement acceptable to both sides and a solution for Zelenskyy to waive Kyiv’s demand to immediately integrate Crimea into Ukraine instead of agreeing to a transition period of 50 years.

College of makiivka

After the effects of the Ukraine attacks 

Military bloggers in Russia were allegedly housed next to a stash of ammunition that exploded under fire daring assault. Mayor said that two people were killed and many others wounded on Saturday when rockets hit a hotel and residential neighborhoods. A local named Veronica Kulagina said, “We have spent the last day of 2022 sheltering in metro stations and underpasses others put on a brave face to venture out I guess this is how they congratulate us on the new year, we were very close to where the first explosion happened was very frightening and seeing sheltered people on this day is nothing but villainess; they’re just animals. 

NATO General Hans-Lothar Domrose

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