#UninstallHotstar: Trending on Twitter over the Mughal Glorifying Series “The Empire”


The streaming giant Disney+ Hotstar has landed in troubled waters after releasing the ”The Empire series”. The agitation among its fans first started when the OTT platform released the trailer of the series.

The Users of the streaming platform and another faction of nationalist elements on social media have alleged that the series is “glorifying the Mughal invader”- Babur.

Releasing The Empire series on the platform this Friday, hashtags like #UninstallHotstar and #BanTheEmpire are trending ever since.

Based on Alex Rutherford’s ”Empire of the Moghul: Raiders from the North,” The Empire is directed by Mitakshara Kumar and produced by filmmaker Nikkhil Advani.

The epic-period-action-drama with its eight episodes made its debut on Disney+ Hotstar on August 27.

The Empire stars Shabana Azmi, Drashti Dhami, Dino Morea, Sahher Bamba and Rahul Dev, while Kunal Kapoor making his digital debut, leads the series portraying as the first Mughal ruler of Hindustan, Babur.

The plot revolves around Babur and the saga of an empire created by an isolated 14-year-old boy who outgrew Ferghana, born to Samarkand and beyond.

Interestingly, the series escapes from giving any glimpse of the mass atrocities that Babur carried out, especially on the persecution of Hindus in their homeland.

Agitated netizens wrote, “The academics, including the NCERT, glorified the Mughals, followed by the Bollywood gang. And now OTT platforms are trying to set the narrative. Shame on Disney + Hotstar to glorify such barbarians!”

A complainant of the series slams The Empire on Hotstar as offensive and capable of distorting law and order in the country as the users justify Babur as a murderer.

The complainant objected against the series, saying Babur has killed lakhs of Hindus and destroyed the Ram Janmbhumi in his conquest of India, alleging that Babur’s actions are condemned even after more than 500 years of his existence.

”Babur” roils the stage for Hotstar

#UninstallHotstar: Trending on Twitter over the Mughal Glorifying Series ''The Empire''
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The media reports stated that the complaints concerning the series were sent to the grievance officer under Information Technology (Guidelines for intermediaries and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021.

It required the streaming platforms and similar online publishers and digital news media to adhere to the “Code of Ethics” as directed in the rules.

The grievance officer has rejected the complaints claiming that The Empire is not glorifying Mughals or Babur.

To justify his statement regarding the 2 minutes 40-second trailer, he added that the trailer is supposed to be a peek into the series and has all rights to maintain an element of curiosity.

Later Hotstar was seen rejecting complaints that the series glorifies Mughal invader Babur, which led Twitter users to run wild, accusing and showing their displeasure with the trend.

To these statements, Twitteriest is admonishing with comments like, “Mughal barbarism on Hindus started in the Babur’s rule continued in the likes of Jahangir, Akbar, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb. Glorifying barbaric Mughals him is a tawdry insult of Hindus by @DisneyPlusHS.”

Another user said that all nationalists should “Uninstall, report, and 1 star as well, so next onwards they won’t dare to get aired such kind of propaganda contents #UninstallHotstar.”

Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh
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