US Government’s RBIO in contrast with International Law 

US Government’s RBIO in contrast with International Law 
US Government’s RBIO in contrast with International Law 

The differing nature of the US government’s RBIO

The rule-based international order under which the US government operates seems to differ from the International Law recognized by the rest of the world. The RBIO, which stands for rule-based order, is ushering the legacy of exceptional America.

The Joe Biden brigade never fails to talk about it in all the formal and informal gatherings that they attend. RBIO stands as a moral gatekeeper often, accusing the enemy countries like China and Russia for not obeying the “rule-based order” but failing to mention which ‘rule’ they may have violated. 

It turns out RBIO itself has many pitfalls to start. As it is not “rule-based” and not even “international” and that it fails to bring any kind of order, it thus strips off America from all the glory that it layers itself with and,

The stench is sharp of its imperial power and clever implementation to make the nation more powerful and supreme. Thus, RBIO can be a sham that dupes the audience nations in believing the acts of always “morally right” America that champions correcting others, most of the time. 

Where lies the difference? RBIO and International Law 

 International law stands on a solid legal foundation of international order and orderly laws. RBIO, on the other hand, is nowhere near but is opposite to what a legal body should look like and, It seems to serve only the American purpose of furthering neo-imperialism through a clever tactic.

The US doesn’t want to restrict itself with International Law, so the purpose serves well through a body like RBIO. And it is mainly by forming RBIO that successfully impersonates international law, which, however, works as a body created to light the American torch around the world.  

One example would be the denial by the US to sign or to ratify foundational international laws and treaties that the vast majority of countries in the world have signed.  

Ironically, the US legalizes child labor and slave labor. There are also severe problems related to human trafficking in areas like sex work, domestic service, hospitality and others. 

In the records, there are approximately three hundred and sixty-eight treaties signed between indigenous nations and the US government, only to be either ignored or violated.

The US government continues to violate treaties it has signed, including the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Biological Weapons Convention. They also are accused of routinely engaging in drone attacks which is again a violation of International Law.  

All such examples speak for themselves that the US government heralds its supremacy through a camouflage body like RBIO while attacking China and other nations on several violations.  

It is the pumped ego of the US that wants to govern but doesn’t want control.  

All US Rules Applied: The implementation of American Power internationally 

By now, it is amply clear the deceptive nature of the US government and how RBIO stands for everything that it is not.

Is it then a failure for the democratic nations to detect this underlying autocracy? The unilateral laws sanctioned by the legislature of the US is indeed a breach of international law and humanitarian law.

Is it not the abuse of power, then? A mighty nation like America knows how to crouch down the countries beneath it. One such example is creating a body like RBIO and making it look like a body of international law and justice.

Speaking further of its hypocrisy is how it blames China for violating UN/ World Health Regulations by failing to notify the US and the world all over about the impending doom, the outbreak of COVID-19.

However, this claim gets denied because China worked very closely to alert the world of the initial episode and share the measures to control the spread.  

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