Professional sleeping is an innovative approach by workspace firms. There are quick whats app circulations on how your friend, a sleep influencer can put on cute night suits together and live on sleep PR packages. Let’s try to understand why these paradigmatic shifts are revolutionary for sleepwear brands.

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How many of us had daydreamed of job roles at the ease of our comfort? US Mattress Firm is offering a full-time job role for skilled Nappers at their firm. Imagine you can get paid to sleep and be freaky good at it. New York-based firm Casper is up with the new position Casper Sleepers on Linkedin. Nappers are instructed to create social media content over the company handle concerning their expertise as skilled sleepers. The applications are still open until August 11, 2022.


A Mattress Brand hires for a position where sleeping is a mandate

Power-Nap Influencers to be a Potential Career

Casper Sleep an online retailer for sleep furniture and accessories in America makes sleeping a mandate in their job application. According to the company job posting, the ideal candidate should meet the criteria of “exceptional sleeping ability, a desire to sleep as much as possible with the ability to sleep through anything and talk fancy about the experience.” The marvelous copywriting claims “so join us to literally sleep on the job as we believe a good sleep changes everything”. The job listing also permits flexible hours to sleep at work.

“Sleep at Casper stores, and on unexpected settings out in the world. On the rare occasion you’re not sleeping, share your experience at public domains by creating TikTok-style content that needs to be posted across Casper social media channels,”  are so forth the job responsibilities stated by the corporates. 

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Can consider this an effective career pathway

Will a CA aspirant attending the 3rd meeting in a day or a B school marketer failing their second attempt at a row would accept it? Not necessarily you will have to get the concept. Despite the fact that there is a lot of competition in the job market. We are witnessing the idea of professionalism be in constant shift. New and innovative career options are emerging and growing since people are unapologetically consuming content. 

Corporate Job websites now demonstrate a surge in their approach to new roles and positions. The company further extends its statement by adding “distinctive sleeping ability- a candidate must also pose a passion for sleep and talk about it extensively”. The company allows its workforce to be at the office in Pajamas and gives free access to the company products. In spite of a post covid era filled with work-from-home policies, candidates applying with a Resume to sleep for a living is universal. Meanwhile, they are not concerned with resumes as applicants are encouraged to showcase their sleeping skills on platforms like Tiktok and Instagram. 

Furthermore, Wakefit announced nap time at work

In Addition to D2C Merchandise, another Unicorn reportedly wants its employees to sleep at work. Wakefit, a Bangalore start-up practices nap culture under the ‘right to nap policy’. According to its official Linkedin page, employees can officially sleep between 2 to 2.30 within work hours. The company decided to let employees take a break amidst hectic work schedules to help them refocus, thus introducing an effective tactic to improve workspace productivity. This has all made it possible for the company to raise a capital of $26.9 million this year. Based on the Sleep Foundation’s 2022 guide, good sleep is highly beneficial for top-tier industries. Wakefit reshaped its work ethics by citing a 2007 study showcasing how poor sleep had affected the economy, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

In an email, Co-founder and Director Chaitanya Ramalingegowda wrote, “We have been in the business of sleep for over six years now, and yet have failed to do justice to a crucial aspect of rest – the afternoon nap. We have always taken naps seriously, but starting today, we will be taking things up a notch.”

What else?

Make sure CEOs that treat you well, deserves your good performance.

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Wakefit is also planning to create nap pods and silent rooms in the office to feed the perfect nap environment for corporates. In simple terms, this is definitely a dream come true for Indian employees seeking to sleep a wink at work. Such extended breaks will surely regulate emotions and boost performance according to a study from the University of Michigan. From that point of view, it is intriguing for prospective employees to curate CVs as Professional Nappers.  


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