US retaliates against ISIS-K by killing’ a terrorist planner in an Afghan drone strike.


The United States retaliated against the Islamic State on Saturday, bombing a member of the ISIS-K in eastern Afghanistan in a retaliatory airstrike.

According to news reports, less than 48 hours after, the group claimed responsibility for a fatal suicide bombing that killed as many as 169 Afghans and 13 American service members.

The US military’s drone strikes, according to the Pentagon, were aimed at an IS’ planner.’

According to a US official speaking on the condition of anonymity to Bloomberg news agency, the ISIS-K planner was suspected of organising future strikes but had no direct involvement in Thursday’s assault in Kabul.

A Reaper drone killed the target, who was riding in a vehicle, according to him.

Captain Bill Urban, a spokesman for the US Central Command, said the attack occurred in Afghanistan’s Nangahar region. First indications suggest the target was killed, with no civilian deaths.

The airstrikes come as US Vice President Joe Biden threatened Islamic

State attackers with punishment for the Kabul airport attack, saying the US will not forget or forgive their actions.

“Know this: Those who perpetrated this attack, as well as anybody who wishes America harm, will not be forgiven. We are not going to forget. “We’re going to find you and make you pay,” Biden had said.

Earlier in the day, the US embassy in Kabul issued a new travel warning for Americans, advising them to avoid flying out of Kabul due to security concerns.

According to the statement, those who are at the Abbey, East, North, or the new ministry of interior gates should leave right away.

The country also requested that the Taliban restrict some roads due to the likelihood of suicide bombers in vehicles and warned that further assaults could occur before President Joe Biden’s deadline to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan on August 31.

Thursday’s bombing, which the Islamic State of Khorasan (IS-K) claimed responsibility for, was one of the worst days for American troops in Afghanistan since 2011.

Meanwhile, more than 100,000 people have evacuated through Kabul International Airport, but thousands more are yearning to flee Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover.

Officials from the United States have reported that evacuees with proper credentials are still permitted through the borders.



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