US Slams Iran Over Agreed Deal On Prisoner Swap


In response to Iran’s blatant accusation on the US for delaying talks over a prisoner swap deal, the Biden administration roared back on Saturday. They denied such ‘outrageous’ claims that hinted at this delay with their intent to resume the preliminary nuclear talks.

Araghchi’s Remarks on the US

The US State Department labelling them as ‘outrageous comments” contradicted Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Seyyed Abbas Araghchi, who tweeted that the US and Britain must stop using the hostage swap as bait to restore the Iran Nuclear Deal of 2015, which was officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Araghchi further justified Tehran’s reluctance to resume the Vienna nuclear talks. The country will be witnessing a transition in its government when their hardline President-elect Ebrahim Raisi will take over in August. He called for a wait on further talks as Iran will change administration, as ‘that is what every democracy demands’. Araghchi, the chief negotiator at the nuclear negotiations, calls the US’ attempts to keep off the humanitarian exchange for ulterior political motives futile.

US’ Rebuttal to Iran’s Claims

In the face of Araghchi’s comments, Ned Price, the State Department spokesman, cleared the air by rejecting the claims. He even denied the fact that any swap agreements were even in the cards. He further reaffirmed that the US is open to the prospect of a detainee swap as they eagerly await the continuation of nuclear discourse.

Price said, “These comments are an outrageous effort to deflect blame for the current impasse on a potential mutual return to compliance with the JCPOA. We stand ready to return to Vienna to complete work on a mutual return to the JCPOA once Iran has made the necessary decisions”.

Price hinted at a possible release of 10 detainees on both sides of Iran’s attempt at giving false hope to their families. He said, “If Iran were truly interested in making a humanitarian gesture, it would simply release the detainees immediately. It is the Iranian government that has been unjustly detaining four innocent Americans for years.” 

Current State Of Events

So far, both countries have engaged in six rounds of nuclear talks, where the last one got adjourned last month without any conclusion due to the presidential elections in Iran. The US further reiterated that they look forward to the seventh round of their nuclear talks as soon as Iran agrees and wishes to release the detained American citizens.

In a bid to overturn former President Donald Trump’s 2018 wrongdoing when he was in office, President Biden is leaving no stone unturned to get back on the Iran nuclear deal. He even offered to lift the sanctions imposed on Iran in exchange for the latter’s full cooperation in their attempts. 

These sanctions were placed in the first place by the Trump administration as per their campaign’s promises. In response to these restrictions, Iran neglected the treaty’s guidelines and inflated its violations like operating advanced centrifuges and increasing uranium enrichment and heavy water production. 

Iran has hitherto turned a blind eye to the UN’s atomic authorities by refusing to answer their questions on such violation of the nuclear agreement.


Roopashi Semalty
Roopashi Semalty
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