Web Series to binge watch: Here are some recommendations


To spend some leisure time over the weekend, binge-watch a Web series. 

Web series are the most popular form of content not only in India but also in other countries. The majority of Web series are available on OTT platforms. The popularity of web series is growing by the day, especially since the pandemic. 

When people had nothing to do at home, they discovered web series. People were aware of web series before, but they were not particularly fond of them. Everything has gone online since the pandemic, including the entertainment industry.

People no longer need to go to the theatre or spend money on tickets or snacks because of web series. Now they have theatre at home. This is also the best option for introverts. Big production companies are also investing in web series. 

After the pandemic, OTT platforms have touched the skies with their unlimited entertainment and are going to bring more and more series, so here are some recommendations for your leisure time. 

. Ashram 3

This series has 3 seasons. The first two seasons were hits. People really liked the storyline and the acting of the actors. This series is available on MX Player. The season has 10 episodes and tells the story of how a person named Nirala Baba renamed himself as a God. This story is spiritually based and fictional to some extent. Binge watch it this weekend.

. Guilty- Minds

This story is courtroom based and has a total of 10 episodes. This story shows how law school friends always put themselves opposite each other in the courtroom. Each episode deals with important issues like- artificial intelligence, rape, etc. The first season is streaming, and director Shifali Bhushan is back with the second season. The series was written by Shefali Bhushan, Manav Bhushan, Jayant Digambar, and Deeksha Gujral.

. Gullak 3

The series is about the struggles of a middle-class family. The Series shows the story of a middle-class family who is worried about the education, job, and future of their children. Aman Mishra is the youngest child, and he has completed his tenth. Now the family is tense about what subject he should take on his 11th. All seasons are available on SonyLiv and every season has its own twist. This one is definitely binge watch worthy.

. Human 

This story shows how medical testing is being done on poor people and how the pharmaceutical company works.The series is available on Disney+Hotstar and will astound viewers with their answers to previously unknown questions. Shefali Shah and Kriti Kulhari are the main leads. Binge watch it this weekend.

. Rocket – Boys

This story is about two boys who are very sharp and intelligent. Their names are Dr. Homi Jehangir Baba and Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai. They made a few space programs that are written in Indian history. The series is available on SonyLiv. The show is related to space and nuclear power.

. The Fame Game

The series is very suspicious. One day, an actress named Anamika Anand suddenly went somewhere, and no one knew. This story will drive you crazy with thrills, suspense, and mystery. Madhuri Dixit is playing the lead actress. The series is available on Netflix. 

. The Great Indian Murder 

The story is really filled with suspense and mystery. In this, an influential industrialist was killed at a party. Vicky Rai is the person, who died at a party and the murderer is still at the party, trying to act normal. The murderer helps the police to find out who killed Vicky Rai. The series is available on Disney+Hotstar. 

Not just these many series are going to be released, and you should give them a try too.


Radhika is a journalism and mass communication student. She is a young and ambitious girl who enjoys writing. She enjoys writing about entertainment and awareness. She is currently employed by Asiana Times. Her enthusiasm for the K-industry is admirable.





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