Microwaving is a convenient way to heat up and cook food quickly

but there are certain foods that should not be microwaved due to safety concerns

1. Carbonated beverages

Microwaving carbonated drinks can lead to unexpected explosions.

2. Eggs with shells

This can cause pressure to build up inside, leading to explosions.

3. Grapes

This can create sparks and even plasma due to the high water content.

4. Frozen meat in its packaging

such as plastic wrap or Styrofoam trays, can release harmful chemicals into the food.

5. Chili Peppers

They can release capsaicin into the air, which can irritate your eyes and respiratory system.

6. Takeout Containers With Handles

The handled carry-out containers have metal, which could spark, causing a fire.

7. Tomato Sauce

Heating tomato sauces in the microwave often ends in splatters.

8. Foods in airtight containers

ensure you loosen the lid or leave a small vent to allow steam to escape safely.

9. Overly dry foods

Microwaving foods that are extremely dry can lead to fires or sparks.

10. Nothing

Never start an empty microwave oven. This could damage the machine and may even start a fire.

Remember that microwaves can have hot spots and uneven heating

Always use microwave-safe dishes and stir or rotate the food  to ensure even cooking.

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by Chandrashekhar Jenamoni