Gambler’s Fallacy  

(Is There A Balance In The Universe) 

…and predictions are made likely 

We believe a balancing force exists… 

Contrast Effect  

(Comparisons Influence Judgements)  

…if something better is next to it 

The values of one thing seems less… 

Conformation Bias  

(The Grand Poobah Of All Bias) 

...that is according to our beliefs...  

Paying attention only to the information, 

Only believe what our beliefs allow

...filtering out what doesn’t match our beliefs

Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon  

(The Frequency Illusion) 

… we keep noticing it more & more often. 

After noticing a thing for the first time...  

Zeigarnik Effect  

(Incomplete Work vs The Mind) 

…as compared to incomplete tasks. 

Minds forget the completed tasks easily… 

This can be avoided by just writing the tasks on a paper 

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By-  Shubham Singh  Rawat