RIL’s JFS Boosts India’s Web3

Reliance’s entry point into India’s Web3 market will be Ambani’s Jio Financial Services (JFS). 

Jio Financial Service

RIL will provide management services for digital assets via JFS 


Bitcoin, non-fungible tokens, CBDCs, and the metaverse are all components of Web 3 

traditional servers, information saved on the blockchain is broken up into smaller pieces and distributed around the network 

Central Bank Digital Currency

A central bank electronic currency is any fiat money that is supported by blockchain networks 

 India’s Web3

india’s Web3 is a decentralized platform that doesn’t need approval from centralized authorities,.

Characteristics of Web3 in Financial Services:


Web3, a platform based on Blockchain, makes data transferable and transparent 


Financial Web3 apps can run on either blockchain, decentralized peer-to-peer networks

Decentralized management and governance

An unchangeable ledger allows for the decentralized management and control of data.  

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