Writings which gained glory only after the author’s death

Technically, The Diary of a Little Girl finds space in this story

Franz Kafka wanted his works to be burnt but his friend Max Brod ensured that his works found their rightful honour

This book of poems was published after Sylvia's death

John Keats died young, believing that his works were in vain but today he is remembered as a great poet


Herman Melville wrote the famous Moby Dick, but it took a few years after his death, to gain popularity

William Blake, considered a genius today, was seen as a mad man  during his life time

Henry David Thoreau became famous only after his death when his works like Civil Disobedience, Life without Principle started to inspire others

Emily Dickinson had to face a lot of rejections but today her poems have gained critical acclaim

Philip K. Dick went on to inspire films like maze Runner, Total Recall etc.

Agatha Christie's Sleeping Murder gained prominence posthumously as it was only published after her death


By Rhea Abraham