"Concealed Charms of Maharashtra: Unearthing the State's Best-Kept Secrets"


Scenic lakeside village with Wilson Dam, Randha Falls.


Picturesque hill station, Asia's only automobile-free zone.


Historic coastal town with Portuguese ruins, ancient temples, and pristine beaches

4.Kaas Plateau

Valley of Flowers with a colorful carpet of rare blooms.

5.Vasota Fort

Hidden gem in Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary.

6.Pawna Lake

Scenic artificial lake with camping and water sports options.

7.Rajmachi Fort

7.Rajmachi Fort

Ancient hill fort with lush greenery and mesmerizing views.


Hill station with scenic viewpoints, lush strawberry farms.

9.Lonar Crater Lake

Mystical lake formed by a meteor impact.


Sacred Jyotirlinga temple amid dense forests.

Thnaks for Watching 

By: Rajshri Runghe

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