What are you really eating?

Here are some of the world’s most forged ingredients, from Milk to Lobster


The most faked foods,baby formula milk with water and melamine was added resulting in death 


The third most-faked food with producers using chemically modifying sugars to mimic bees’ honey. 

Battered fish 

Some battered fish sold in chip shops was in fact meat from the spiny dogfish, a shark species. . 


It says, has been found to be bulked out with leaves from other plants, colour additives and dyed sawdust. 

Fruit juice 

Some juices might be made using juice from rotten fruit, which might also be used to dilute fresh juice.  


The world’s most expensive spice ,sometimes bulked up with glycerine, sandalwood dust, barium sulphate and borax, and dyed with tartrazine. 

Black pepper 

Papaya seeds are particularly common substitutes, identical to the naked eye and differences are only detectable under a microscope. 


There have been several high-profile cases of the sturgeon roe being faked, and some samples have even proved to contain no animal DNA at all. 


The results of the investigation, aired in 2013, included the discovery that one restaurant’s 'lobster ravioli' was actually filled with cheese.


'pure' vanilla extract actually being blended with cheaper tonka bean extract, which has a very similar taste and aroma. .

By  Sumithra Rajendran