K-Content Cheat Sheet: K-dramas Coming in August: Part 2

Behind Your Touch

Where to watch: Netflix

This Korean drama, directed by Kim Yoon Seok, features Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, and Suho, and blends comedy, crime, and fantasy. It follows a veterinarian with animal-reading abilities.

my lovely boxer

Where to watch: KBS2

The upcoming K-drama, directed by Choi Sang Yeol and Hong Eun Mi, revolves around Lee Kwon Sook, a 17-year-old boxing star, who quits and lives a quiet life until a ruthless sports agent, Kim Tae Young, seeks her. 

mask girl

Where to watch: netflix

This K-drama features Go Hyun Jung, Nana, Ahn Jae Hong, Yeom Hye Ran, and Choi Daniel, directed by Kim Young Hoon and written by Mae Mi. The plot follows Kim Mo Mi, an office worker with confidence issues, as things take a dark turn.

destined with you

Where to watch: netflix

The JTBC show blends romance, fantasy, law, and drama, focusing on a love story between civil servant Lee Jong Ho and lawyer Jang Shin Yu. Mayhem ensues when Shin Yu is cursed by a prohibited book. Starring: Rowoon and Jo Bo ah. 

elegant empire

Where to watch: kbs2

Elegant Empire, a drama featuring Han Ji Wan, Kim Jin Woo, and Kang Yul, is set to release in August. The show follows the lives of a man and woman who lost their clans due to injustice. The plot revolves around their pursuit of revenge.