All about Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

She has been the queen of Denmark since 1972

Born in 1940 into the House of Glücksburg

Photo: Aller Media NO

She was crowned at the age of 31

Photo: Karin Palshøj

In 1953 when women were allowed to inherit the throne, it made her the first female monarch of Denmark since the 14th century Margrethe I of the Scandinavian Kingdom

Margrethe II didn't have a coronation ceremony, instead her new role was just proclaimed to the people as her father had just passed away

She was married to a French Diplomat- Henri de Laborde until his death in 2018

She is the mother of crown prince Frederik and Prince Joachim

As the queen of Denmark, her role is limited to being a constitutional monarch

Britain’s erstwhile Queen, Elizabeth II was her cousin.

As of today, Margrethe II is the only queen regnant (sovereign)

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By Rhea Abraham