Top 10 interesting facts about  J.Oppenheimer

By - Aryan Vyas

The new nolan movie have been in the talks lately after a massive hit on the box-office. Lets get a step closer to the real J.Oppenheimer life's and know him better

#10 Oppenheimer was born in Newyork, United States in 1904

#9   Heimer earned his bachelor's degree from Harvard and PHD from University of Göttingen  in Germany

#8 Father of atomic bomb

#7   When he was 12 years old, J. Robert Oppenheimer was invited to give a lecture on geology.

#6 The Sanskrit Scholar

Heimer was a sanskrit scholar and was highly inspired by the hindu scripture  The Bhagvad-gita.

#5 Heimer played an important part in the Manhattan project (First project to develop nuclear weapons)

#4  A poet Aside from science the genius-mind also had a soft corner in his heart for poetry. 

#3   The year after the succesful invention of atomic bomb heimer regretted it and was against developing the new atomic bombs like hydrogen bomb.

#2 Did a significant contribution regarding the black holes.

IMG Source - NASA

#1 After achieving and contributing his side to the science Oppenheimer never received a noble price(he was nominated thrice but never won it).

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By - Aryan Vyas