8 Japanese Secerts to living a long  life 

" Hara Hach Bun Me " popular saying in Japan,means eat only until you are 80 per cent (8 out of 10 parts) full


" Health And Cleanliness " Regular health campaigns that  healthy lifestyles and fastidious about hygienerelated practices 


" Designed  Mealtime Scared " Japanese serve smaller portions and encourage slower eating style with families together.


" The tradition of drinking tea " Matcha tea is popular are highly nutritios that boost the immune system, help fight cancer.


"  Walk, walk, walk " The Japanese people hate sedentary lifestyles. Students and employees walk or cycle to the train station. 


" It's the genes, dear " Genetic advantage due to two genes in particular DNA and ND2  helps block age-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, strokes 


" Loving care to elders " Like in India, it's also traditional for people in Japan to care for elderly family members rather than sending them to care homes.


 " Japan's equivalent to ‘joie de vivre’ " An ancient philosophy that   preaches taht one must seek some joy and purpose in life instead of merely existing. 


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