Hindi cinema has been under surveillance since the year has begun. Amidst this, there is a south-north film debate that is going on because there are films that are doing really well for their content, actors, actresses, supporting roles, and good acting. The ticket counters too are doing really well in comparison to the Hindi box office. This proved to be a tough year for Hindi cinema. 

If we look at cinema as a whole, we can see that if Hindi cinema hasn’t worked for some time, even South cinema has not worked for some time. But we also cannot forget that Hindi cinema has been making remakes quite frequently. This thing irritates the audience the most. They (Hindi cinema directors) also cast actors who are miserably told for their inability to act.


Only a few Hindi cinemas like Gangubai Kathiawadi had done very well. Now, the newly released mystery thriller movie Chup has been creating a good opinion in the minds of the audience. There is a lot of introspection happening regarding the films. People nowadays prefer content over anything for that matter. People find good content in South cinema and it automatically draws people’s attention. 

Hindi cinema directors like Rohit Shetty believe that irrespective of the language of the movie, all the movies are the same and all are Indian movies. In the year 2022 especially, south movies like RRR, Pushpa The rise, and KGF chapter 2 from the Kannada film industry have done amazingly well in the theaters. It received a lot of positive reviews from the audience. As it was also dubbed in Hindi, it received a remarkably good response from the Hindi audience as well.

As we have observed, a few months ago it was the debate of nepotism going on and now it is the north versus south films going on. This does not mean that Hindi cinema has been undergoing a downfall and will fall away gradually with time. 

It is also observed that some Bollywood actors (who are star kids) are still trolled miserable for their same expression for every emotion in every movie. They have been made fun of. If we look at cinema as a whole, the language and the region should not be dividing us at all. By looking at the cinema as a whole, we should look at all the movies as Indian movies and not Hindi movies, Kannada movies, or Tamil movies.

There are Hindi actors, for example, Aditi Rao Hydari and Aishwarya Rai who work for south cinema. They have worked with Mani Ratnam as well. They never felt that they belong to only North cinema, they used to work comfortably. If the south films are doing remarkably well then, it should be teaching the Hindi directors how to elevate themselves, to see where they are lacking in matters of direction, content, and many other factors. The language barrier is on the verge of vanishing. Many North actors and south actors have done their Hollywood debut, and they have been recognized internationally as well.

There are people in this world who grew up watching south films and Hindi films. Here, the matter of discrimination does not come. It is all about the content, the way it is directed, the way the story goes, does it even have a story. There are North actors who know the south languages well and south actors who can speak Hindi well. They themselves did not discriminate when learning each other’s language. The discrimination started with the many so-called big actors and directors of the film industry seeing the rise of the other industry. 

If 3 movies of the south industry have done really well then The Kashmir files and Bhool Bhulaiya have also done really well in the theaters. Nowadays people prefer content and not which star kid is acting in the film. Jay Bhim was directly nominated for the Oscars and Rocketry: The Nambi effect was featured at the Cannes film festival.

The entire debate on north-south films becomes invalid when people don’t have any problem with watching the movie in a dubbed way or with subtitles. Either the film industry will not work out if they constantly copy from the other and make their own version. The movie Jersey was one such example. The filmmakers and everyone involved should have a positive outlook toward the cinema instead of blaming the other.

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