What is the Goa Bhumiputra Bill, 2021?


Amid backlash, Goa Government decided to reintroduce the Bhumiputra Bill with changes.

After hearing the opposition and public voices rising on the controversial Bhumiputra Adhikarini Bill, the Goa Government decided to reintroduce it after making some changes. The Bill will now again be passed in the assembly, the next session starting after two months.

What is the Bhumiputra Bill, 2021?

According to this Bill, any person who is a resident of Goa for more than 30 years can qualify as Bhumiputra, i.e., the son of the soil. The Bhumiputras, by this Bill, can own a house in Goa upto 250 plinth area of square metres even if the land they have been living on comes under the state government’s ownership, a private person or commonly owned. The structure built before April 1, 2019, qualifies for this Bill.


The BJP government presented and passed the Bill on July 29 of this year during a walkout by the opposition. The Bill was put forward in a 40- member House and passed after the majority voice voting.

The opposing party since criticized the government for hastily giving the Bill on the last day of the session without proper in-house discussions. Along with the opposition, many different groups and parties highly criticized this action of the Goa government.

The Bill has incited differences within the governing BJP government. The Congress party spokesperson asking the CM to withdraw the act citing it as a mockery, said, “He should withdraw the Bill in toto and restore the faith and confidence of the Goans.” The Goa Forward President, Vijay Sardesai, took to Twitter to express his disappointment saying, “…the gravity or the intricacities of governance is making him not only an unmitigated disaster for Goa but also a laughingstock across the country.”


After all the criticisms and allegations of pleasing the migrant banks, the government finally decided to take public suggestions on the Bill. A televised address for the Goa Chief Minister asked for positive suggestions starting from August 4 on goaonline.gov.in.

The Goa CM also changed the name of the Bill from “Bhumiputra Adhikarini” to “Bhumi Adhikarini” after objections that included the party members too. The CM promised to reintroduce the Bill only after intaking suggestions from the public.



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