Why India needs corporates like Reliance, Tata, Adani and others


As of the beginning of this month, Reliance has provided more than 15,000 metric tons of oxygen free of charge, helping nearly 1.5 million people. At Reliance, nothing is more important than saving everyone’s lives because India is fighting the new wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. There is an urgent need to maximize India’s medical oxygen production and transportation capacity. However, these efforts have been criticized because many people think they are too small compared to what they can afford. 

Ambani and Reliance 

  • On April 30, Ambani’s Reliance Industries stated that it had become India’s largest producer of medical-grade liquid oxygen, with its production sites concentrated in one place. He said that “from scratch” last year, the company now produces 11% of India’s total medical-grade liquid oxygen at its Western Refinery. 
  • The company claims that the free oxygen it provides to many states can meet one in ten patients in the country. 
  • On the same day, Reliance also airlifted 24 ISO containers for oxygen transportation from Saudi Arabia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Thailand, adding 500 tons of transportation capacity to India. 
Oxygen Cylinder Refilling Plant - Reliance and Others also Refilling Oxygen cylinders in their plants
Oxygen Cylinder Refilling Plant


  • Due to India’s efforts to transport oxygen from factories to hospitals, the Adani Group disposed of four 80-ton liquids from Saudi Arabia on April 26. ISO storage tank for oxygen. 
  • Adani also said that his company is buying 5,000 medical-grade oxygen cylinders from Linde, Saudi Arabia, an industrial and medical gas supplier. The Adani Group also obtained oxygen from Thailand and Dubai. 


  • Tata Group pledged to provide 1.5 billion rupees and distribute 3.5 million masks and gloves for free. Similarly, India’s salt software conglomerate Tata Group (Tata Group) has been assisting the country in dealing with oxygen shortages. 
  • Tata Steel, a group subsidiary, supplies approximately 1,000 metric tons of oxygen to the states every day. 

Some other traditional enterprise groups are also donating money locally. For example, JSW Group pledged to invest 5 billion rupees to fight the coronavirus. Grasim Industries, a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Group headquartered in Madhya Pradesh, has donated 30 oxygen concentrators to a hospital in Ujjain.

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