Why Made in India Covid vaccines are more suitable for Indian conditions


More than a hundred million people in India have received the covid 19 vaccines Jab, Covishield, and Covaxin, which the government medically approves. Amid the covid-19 third wave, the vaccine has been used in India, called Sputnik V, made from Russia. It is considered relatively safe. It has also partnered with Oxford University and AstraZeneca, which is being manufactured in Covishield in India.

Which Covid vaccines are more suitable for India?

Oxford AstraZeneca – Covishield

The Indian government approved Covishield as one of the first two vaccines to serve as an emergency in the pandemic. Countries like Europe are also using the same formula drug. The special doses are being developed by the Oxford University in partnership with AstraZeneca in India; they are produced in the Serum Institute Pune.

Covishield showed an efficacy of 70.4 %, according to the phase III trials in December 2020. This result was entirely based on the results across the United Kingdom and Brazil by the international clinic trial results shown by 11,636 volunteers.


The observation included that when the people were given the first dose, they got 70.4%, but their efficacy reached up to 90% on the second dose.

The number of side effects is minimal; in this dose, 1 out of 10 people get side effects like tenderness, redness, arm pain, swelling, itching, or bruising around the injection site. It can also cause some general effects like fatigue or a general feeling of feverish, headache, body aches, etc. A few more common side effects are seen in 1 out of 100 people: abdominal pain, decreased appetite, larger lymph nodes, rashes feeling dizzy, etc. However, these changes can be overcome by taking paracetamol, which gradually reduces the chances of getting side effects.

Covishield can be stored at a temperature of 2- 8 degrees Celsius, and the doses are being monitored between gaps of 4 to 12 weeks apart.

Bharat Biotech – Covaxin 

Covaxin was manufactured by Bharat biotech in partnership with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and The National Institute of Virology. It was given the first yes in January for emergency use.

The efficacy rate of Covaxin is 81%, and the Jab is effective against the UK variants, too, and this interim analysis was based on phase 3 trial results.


Covaxin has some widespread side effects: redness, stiffness, itching at the injection site, irritations, muscle aches, weakness, fever, headaches, nausea, and very rarely vomiting.

Covaxin is given at the end of 28 days from the first, and the storage capacity of Covaxin includes 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Sputnik V

Sputnik-V, The Russian Covid’19 vaccine, has been clinically found to have 91.6 % efficacy in the phase-III clinical trial. Lancet, one of the top medical journals, has published the results of its effectiveness.

Sputnik V

A cold-type virus called adenovirus has been made harmless and therefore used in Sputnik V. With an interval of 21 days, the vaccine has been indicated for active immunization of individuals aged 18 years or above to prevent Covid’19.

Pfizer–BioNTech – Comirnaty


Pfizer BioNtech, the new covid-19 vaccine, has shown a relatively high success rate of 95%, tested in clinical trials against the covid-19 symptoms of skin infections. After the follow-up doses, the Jab has shown the efficacy of 95% in controlling the symphonic Covid disease in all age groups. It remains very effective among all the vaccines for at least six months or longer, but India is finding difficulty in adopting this vaccine due to the storage temperature issue. Pfizer’s vaccine requires a temperature of – 80 degrees Celsius to – 60 degrees Celsius for storage.



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