Windows PC Will Be Easier On the Eyes Now


Commercial SKUs of Windows 11 will now have the Dark Mode enabled by default, a significant switch that highlights the eye-saving theme as the preferred option for users the world over.

In an Inspire session about Windows 11, Microsoft announced that the new OS would use the dark mode by default on commercial PCs last week. Whether it is a matter of eye health or a general aesthetic preference for more muted colours, dark modes have become prevalent in apps and operating systems.

Windows is no unusual in this respect, and with Windows 11, Microsoft is giving the dark mode a special promotion. This switch will help significantly reduce strain on the eyes while using the device for longer hours.


As with a lot of things, the pandemic has greatly influenced Windows 11. A blog post on Medium by the team of Microsoft Design talks about “designing the next generation” of the operating system.

The rapid growth of mobile technology shifted the spotlight from PCs to Mobile. However, this scenario has changed in the past year. Amidst a new virtual paradigm of personal combined with professional, the flexibility of PCs enabled us to work from our homes.

The Director of Product Marketing in Microsoft 365, Melissa Grant, said, “We are spending so much time staring at bright screens for endless emails, countless meetings as well as catching up in our personal lives.

To give your eyes some neccessary rest, we have decided to ship all of the Windows 11 commercial SKUs in that IT favorite, beautiful dark mode, by default.” According to her, the dark mode is simply better suited to the hybrid work era we’re now getting accustomed to working.

Windows 11 Dark Mode is a UI theme that uses a dark background and bright text, and other UI elements instead of a colourful background and black text.

The Dark Mode has become quite popular with many different apps and sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Microsoft, including Windows 10, Windows 11, Microsoft Edge, Office, and most mobile apps.

The users who prefer the current default Light Mode can turn that on in the Personalization Menu for Windows 11, much like Dark Mode is activated now.

Aditi Tripathi
Aditi Tripathi
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