The recent collapses of two US banks- Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank have caused substantial turmoil in the financial…

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The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is an organ of the UN that aims to maintain international peace and security. However, it is undemocratic due to the power disparity in representation, the veto power given to the five permanent members, and a lack of transparency. The veto power has led to issues being unaddressed and limited the issues that are brought up in the UNSC. Reforms to expand the UNSC permanent membership or to change the states enjoying it have met varying degrees of scrutiny from the US, Russia, and China, which have denied most of these potential reforms.


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Scientists have found evidence before from asteroids and meteorites that crashed on the Earth having evidence of Life. But, they were not sure whether the chemicals indicating the presence of Microbial life in those asteroids and meteorites were from space or contaminated by the earth because of the crash.

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Researchers from the University of Sydney and the University of Basel in  Switzerland have demonstrated that they can manipulate and recognize a small number of Photons that interact with each other. This Research could advance and revolutionize the fields of Medical Imaging and Quantum Computing. 


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