3 med cities coming up in Kashmir


To increase the medical facilities and health services the government of Jammu and Kashmir has finalized the process of land allotment at 3 different identified locations in Kashmir. Jamming and Kashmir has done have investments in the past several months which would help to increase the health infrastructure.

Tthe state of Jammu and Kashmir is expecting to have a new hospital of 5000 beds and 1000 MBBS additional seats. Various companies invested thousands of crores in hospitals, medical colleges, and paramedical colleges in Kashmir.

According to the official documents of the industries and commerce department – land has been acquired for transferring to these investors at three places in Kashmir – Lehar pulwana,sempora pulwama and Bemina Srinagar.

These three locations have been given the name “Med cities”. and are going to see big activities in upcoming years with 20 investors who are ready to develop a Healthcare project. Director of industries and commerce Kashmir, Mahmood Ahmad Shah while speaking to Greater Kashmir said that the investment and land requirement details have been issued by the department.

He said many types of projects have been approved and 60 days have been given to the company to deposit money for land. and the project has to come within three years. They will be given the land after the money is deposited, and they can then begin working on the project. He said.

He went on to say that three different types of units have sought land allotment in Kashmir’s Med Cities – hospitals, medical colleges, nursing colleges, and orthopedic centers as well. According to him, a total of 22 applications have been given land

and are investing in hospital facilities. “In addition to other infrastructure that will come up, there will be roughly 5000 hospital beds and 1000 MBBS seats,” he said. According to the department of industries and commerce: there are two types of projects.

Some of them with more than 200 beds or some of them with less than 200 beds. But the good news is under the category of 200 beds, 8 companies have applied for the land of nearly 13 Kanals with an employment potential of 10,000 people.

In March, 750 Kanal of land at “Rake Gund Aksha in Benima Srinagar was transferred to the industries and commerce department for some specific purpose. The med cities will attract the investors to invest in Healthcare infrastructure and also improve the Healthcare of Jammu and Kashmir.

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