Learning about some masked female characters and their backstories.

Whenever we think of some masked anime character, the first name that comes to mind is Kakashi or Inosuke, and there are many more iconic male characters who look classy and whose signature style is the mask. However, when we think about female characters, they are often very pretty, so of course they don’t need any masks or whatever (no offense), but still, no one outstanding comes to mind as a primary or secondary character. So it’s challenging to think of someone who possesses great power and beauty and still wears a mask. 

So here are seven decent characters who have a good story behind their mask, which is also part of their aesthetic.


Shizue Izawa from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Also known as Shizu was both a teacher and an adventurer. Her face mask is the Anti-Magic Mask. It was given to Shizu to subdue Ifrit, the ruler of the flames, who possesses Shizu’s body, yet separating the two would cause her to become human and death. The mask may withstand magic, act as an antidote, aid in breathing, and improve the user’s senses. The mask was eventually passed down to Rimuru Tempest and later to Chloe Aubert.

Shizu was known as the “Conqueror of Flames” and one of the founders of the Free Guild, an international organization (formerly known as the Adventurer’s Association) that promotes collaboration and protects the members’ interests.

Ririka Momobami from Kakegurui

Ririka is an extremely shy and socially awkward person when she isn’t wearing her mask, yet she is a very skilled gambler and mostly acts as an observer. Her family erased her entire existence and forced her to follow her twin sister Kikari; thus, she wears the mask. Despite her family’s mistreatment, the sisters have a deep bond.

At Hyakkaou Private Academy, Ririka serves as the vice president of the student council, while her sister Kikari serves as the president.

Suika from Dr. Stone

Suika is a young and cute girl. She typically wears a helmet made of watermelon rind to help her see better because she suffers from a condition called blurry sickness (nearsightedness). Senku, who didn’t judge her appearance, made a pair of lenses for her helmet so that she could see clearly. She is also very intelligent and has a penchant for spying. She soon becomes a ranger for the Kingdom of Science, where she is a master of stealth, an amateur medic, and a specialist in the plant and animal kingdoms. She’s also been able to work faster and make new friends since receiving new glasses.

Despite being the smallest member of the group, everyone loved her character, which featured a one-of-a-kind helmet over her head.

Kousetsu from Shinobi no Ittoki

Kousetsu is one of the main characters of the ongoing series Shinobi no Ittoki and is an Iga Ninja pretending to have other jobs. He is also Ittoki‘s childhood friend from the titular anime. She’s been keeping an eye on him from the shadows since they were kids. She looks after him and protects him whenever he’s in trouble. She was an orphan who was welcomed by Yumika (Ittoki’s mother), who is also the current president of the Iga Village, after her husband died.

Kousetsu always wears a black mask, probably because of some scar beneath it. Her background is still unknown.

Ikeda Asaemon from Gintama

Asaemon is the 17th and 19th Ikeda Yaemon of the Ikeda Clan. She is a great sword user who also knows how to use the kimoarai technique. When she was a child, her father sold her to the 16th Ikeda Yaemon. Her stepbrother slaughtered people to prove his worthiness of the Ikeda Yaemon title, but his father refused to accept him and tried to punish him, but Asaemon defended him and was chosen as the 17th Ikeda Yaemon instead. Therefore, her brother tried to make her pay for that. So after when her father died and she was targeted for being the executioner, she left with her mask as a disguise. 

Later, when her brother died, she became the 19th Ikeda Yaemon.

Ein from High-Rise Invasion

There are various types of masks in the series, and Ein is the smiling mask. This type of mask is code-encrypted and has the ability to hack into the wearer’s brain and execute commands; the three main commands are despair, suicide, and murder. They are only allowed to speak and take no action. They are also referred to as angels.

Kazuma Aohara controlled Ein, and after his death, his powers were given to Ein, making her a God Candidate (ruler of the realm, i.e., High-Rise Invasion).

Noi from Dorohedoro

Noi is a sorcerer with a muscular build, thus some of the other members were first confused about her gender until she spoke and removed her mask. She’s wearing a blue gimp mask with an exposed skeleton mouth that’s been mended with duct tape on top and across both her forearms and legs. In addition to her superhuman strength, she possesses unique healing abilities and the power to fix broken objects

Noi and her childhood friend Shin serve as cleaners for En, her older cousin.

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