A company in India produces fluffy toys that are made out of recycled cigarette stubs.

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Nowadays, the recycling of waste products is becoming popular among companies. Many innovative solutions have been found to recycle waste products.


Similarly, a company based in New Delhi manufactures fluffy toys and pillows out of cigarette stubs. This new idea of recycling cigarette stubs into fluffy toys has gained a unique fan base.

It is more likely to see children and women using fluffy toys, and this made the company recycle the cigarette stubs into toys.

The fluffy toys made out of recycled cigarette stubs are widely welcomed by the public.

How are cigarette stabs recycled into fluffy toys?

You might be wondering how it is even possible to convert cigarette stubs into fluff toys.

It is often said that fluffy toys are made out of fibres of the fabric, and this fabric is made from the remains of cigarette stubs.

The process of recycling the cigarette stubs into fluffy toys involves extracting the fibres from the cigarette stubs. Once the fibres are extracted, they are bleached and turned into fluffy toys or pillows.

How did the company start and expand?

A startup company may struggle to survive in the recycling industry. However, this company consistently performed well.

At first, the company started recycling only 10 grammes of fibre per day. But now they seem to recycle more than 1000 kilogrammes of fibre from cigarette stubs.

The significant development of the company started by analysing the number of adults in the country who are accustomed to smoking. Results from the analysis revealed how to make profits out of cigarette stubs.

From then on, the company started collecting cigarette stubs from the local municipalities.

Now the company is capable of recycling millions of cigarette stubs. Apart from this, the company also uses cigarette stubs to make recycled papers.

The dumping of waste is a global crisis. And this can be treated with the recycling of goods. Many companies should come up with innovative ideas to recycle waste products into usable ones.

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